v1.4.2 has been crashing a lot since last Friday

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  • Nexus 6P user here. Since around last Friday, ABE has been crashing a LOT. I could not win any Arena battles since Friday because the game would freeze up and quit without warning. I don’t even need to be doing anything – I can just let the game sit there, and it’ll just crash on its own. I have tried reinstalling the app many times, but nothing works.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • RedYoshi45

    iOS user here – no crashes at all for me, since weeks at least.


    It crashed once for me last night.. or this morning, I can’t remember. It didn’t freeze or anything, just shut down. It was crashing a lot for me a couple weeks ago, with the message “Unfortunately Angry Birds Epic has stopped,” but that eased up.


    @whiteasice Android via Bluestacks on a mid-2011 27″ iMac… no crashes here. Sorry you’re having problems :-(


    No issues on my Huawei phone, maybe 1 crash in the past week?


    @whiteasice my brother plays on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and has been experiencing this for the last month- everytime he loads AB Epic, it always crashes on the “Chimera” screen and fails, saying “Angry Birds Epic is looking for resources to download”- I have contacted Rovio, but they just said to report it to customer service, which I did- and still no word back when they will fix this


    I figured out what is causing it. It’s the new ads that play on the pause screen. When I hit pause, the ads are running a video, even when the game is not paused and I am playing. These video ads that constantly run in the background are what cause my crashes.


    Oh! You mean the new animated ads on the Pause screen like the one for AB Action?
    I did see them but I had no trouble with them yet – but I could well understand if they caused problems since they’re new.


    Android user here, have had crashes, but whi doesnt every once in a while. Since this event started ( few hours ago ) game crashes after every battle I play or pick up those event skeletons, you know the ones with bonus potions or points etc.
    After I spin the wheel game crashes and I dont even get the points…


    Same here…

    Android user, v. 1.4.2 and this event is so annoying! Crash after pick up skeleton, crash after battle, where is the spin wheel… Crash after crash :(

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum v1.4.2 has been crashing a lot since last Friday

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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