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  • KingDao

    It’s quite common for bugs to slip through the nets of playtesters and reach the players at large.


    They really need to bring back the squad bonus and make the promotion a bonus on top of the squad bonus rather than the squad bonus being double your promotion rank. Right now with the energon characters being the only squad bonus characters most people are probably just maximising Energon Grimlock. If you get Energon Grimlock to 30% (before bonus) before the next challenge and they change the squad bonus characters people will still just use Energon Grimlock as there is no point switching out characters until the other character is at least 15% (30% after bonus) but even then you may just keep powering up Energon Grimlock. If they switched the squad bonus around and gave an initial bonus (like they used to) then it would be in best interest to switch out characters and power up another character if the different squad in an event has a 40% initial squad bonus.


    @kingdao There is no evidence that there is any testing beyond “in house” testing going on. In house testing is notoriously bad as those people rarely do anything unexpected like real players would do. Exient would do well to recruit new volunteers regularly to beta test any changes and delay those changes until thoroughly tested.

    To be quite honest the record of long-standing bugs and the propensity to blame those bugs on the hardware people are using indicates that the only testing being done is a quick run-through by the developers to be sure that it operates at all.



    Of course there’s testing. We’re the testers.

    I’m pretty sure there was a reply in this forum a Rovio employee stating that they rely on our bug reports to find out what’s wrong and then fix it.



    We are going to have to agree to disagree mate. If they are using us as testers and the bug reports we do then they either don’t believe what we are telling them. As if they did then the long standing bugs and issues that have been reported would have by now been sorted.
    The other reason they don’t sort out the issues is because they have their mind set to say that any issue reported in purely down to the device being use and nothing to do with them.
    If they want a proper beta test model then they should ask in the real world for players from here and/or FaceBook and then set the model up so that it works, then there should be a private board so the testers can report back direct to the developers. That is how anybody worth their salt does beta testing. IMHO like its been said in-house testing is ok for the start of an update but after that it is then a complete waste of time as those doing in-house testing have other things to do and so the testing drops of.


    Just because they’re relying on us to report problems doesn’t mean that they have the resources to deal with them.

    We already know they’re trying to do this game on the cheap, and what meagre resources they have deployed to ABT is focused on creating ways to make more money, not on fixing problems unless they’re systemic problems that impact the entire userbase.

    The Dark Knight
    @elpapam Soft update is out.


    Does everyone realize that once enough players promote several characters to high ranks, Rovio/Exient will raise the bonus thresholds and token amount for prizes or lower more the points per run (to make the game more exciting and improve the playing experience)? They’ve made this game a hamster wheel, it’s pointless.


    Just got the .4.3 soft update. Probably the code for tonight’s new event start. If you don’t need the tokens from the daily quests, don’t collect the quest until after the token exchange is over and the new event starts. If there’s a new event, they’ll be added to that event when you collect. If there’s no event, they’ll be changed to gems and other stuff.


    .4.3 update touched the pig lab. You know the 1x DC, 2x BP recipe? Yeah, the 10 gems in that got replaced with 2000 coins…

    EDIT: Nevermind that. Gems got removed from the lab entirely.

    What the actual heck Rovio?!?!?


    they have now removed gems from the lab?? lol wtf

    they are slowly but surely making it easier to stop playing this game….

    Damat Ferit

    3x super rarium was 20 gems in the pig lab. now 20 gems replaced with 4000 coins… yes gems got removed now.

    i think rovio and exient needs more money. interesting.

    The Dark Knight
    @elpapam is out! Pig Lab still is not giving gems!


    NOOOOOoooooooooooooo-darth vader 2016


    A word about Sparks and promotion – I notice in my leaderboard today there is a gold badge rank beyond the bronze badge. I’m unsure of the percentage though.



    @xunhq you mean the little star with 2 stripes at Leaderboard slot 2: QXH?

    The badge:
    One stripe = 5% bonus
    Two stripes = 10% bonus
    Three stripes = 15% bonus
    1 Star with 1 stripes = 20% bonus
    1 Star with 2 stripes = 25% bonus?

    That’s probably because you had upgraded your Rachet to 20% bonus
    which gives the little star with 1 stripe.
    Then because of the promotion bonus of another 5%, due to playing Rachet who is part of the Rescue Bots group, will then give you the little star with 2 stripes.

    I’m only guessing, as I’ve gotten to the point of little star with 1 stripe @ 20% bonus with E.Greyslam however I don’t get the +5% promotion bonus because he isn’t part of the Rescue Bots group.

    Can someone else verify for @xunhq please?


    In my leaderboard, I have an E.Grimlock with a crown icon. Supposedly, it’s for 35%, respectively 40%, 45%, and 50% being a crown with one, two, and three stripes.


    They might as well just remove the gems from 3SR. I usually do up to two respins. After seven sets of 3SR, I’m down 15 gems. None hit on the first spin. One hit on the second spin, three on the third, and three were coins on the third.

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