ABTF v1.22 – Wheeljack and spark

  • AB Transformers got an update that adds a new character – Bomb as Wheeljack. He shoots a volley of highly-explosive missiles, which perfectly represents his love for explosives. We also have some kind of spark that supposedly increases rewards. Leave any other changes you noticed below.

    Description in app stores:

    ‘Tis the season…
    /PROMOTIONS! Collect spark and promote your characters to earn higher event scores!
    /NEW CHARACTER! Wheeljack reporting for duty!
    /NEW ACCESSORIES! Unlock new unique accessories for your characters and watch out for some festive hats!
    /OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Transformers power levels returned. Bigger advert rewards during the holidays.

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  • hm… lets see what is new here…

    Has anyone updated the version?


    Just updating now and will see if what we were told about reducing the flying pigs from x4 down has been sorted or not.

    Well on my new game the daily Task’s have gone, Proff Pig Lab now has ” SPARK UNLOCKED ” and I was just given Drift?
    On my normal game I’ve just been give Dead End no idea what is going on.

    @paul13 it’s been reduce i have just update it the new barracks looks cool!

    E. Soundwave is not and so much different in power!



    I’ve also been given RICOCHET and they have added a section called ” THE WRECKERS ” with ULTRA MAGNUS & RODIMUS plus an empty slot for a new Bot.

    What is odd is that my new game has no daily task but my normal game does. Hang on my GEMS have increased big time

    @paul13 i have Daily Tasks in the new game and i i just had some new missions add on at my Daily Tasks.

    So Wheeljack will be another Riccohete / Jazz / Drift paint job applied to Bomb bird…..



    Odd it’s missing from my new game set up. They have at last reduced the kill power for the flying pigs and the game is coming back as it should be and is enjoyable again. I expect somewhere down the line they will mess it up again

    @paul13 so far the game is super damn enjoyable once again. But E. Soundwave isn’t been improved as i hoped i didn’t have any node with Glavatron and E. Galvatron to test if they working good or not also i haven’t use any en/cons like Photoblaster or Mortarink to see where it shoots…


    The daily tasks have been moved on the bottom left in the middle.


    It might be a good idea to keep track in this thread of which glitches have been corrected, and which are still there.

    I just ran a node with Energon Galvatron and can confirm that the vortex is still broken, increasing the cooldown time rather than shortening it. I think his overall power might have been restored, but can’t confirm that for sure.


    It seems Wheeljack takes much of Jazz’s code, hence the vehicle mode and gestures, along with Sunstorm’s code representing his ability to shoot arched rockets

    Besides Windblade, do we have any Autobirds that take Deceptihog code during gameplay, and vise versa?


    I earned 500 Spark points and poked around to see what to do with it. When I got to the upgrade screen, it wouldn’t let me out without upgrading something. Even rebooting the game brought me back to the upgrade screen. 500 gets a first level upgrade of 5% for a selected character. It looks like it will 1050 for its next promotion. There doesn’t like to be a way to by Spark points.

    @paul13 very weird! Might be a bug?


    I have the update and a extra character slot as well.

    are they ever going to stop releasing Tfs lol thought one more to go and that’s all of them but now another slot has appeared.

    what are these spark points? I still have the same things as before for rewards from, quests

    E. Galvatron seems to be improved a bit :)


    I don’t get what these sparks are supposed to be for. I don’t get the Wrecker section. Neither of hem were in the Wreckers. Springer and Kup were. I think when they added Drift a few years ago, he was in the group.


    Ohhh, my daily task rewards are pigs and coins! Can I contain my excitement???

    Uh, yeah….



    I’ve just had wheel jack as a butties L7, he firs a group of 3 rockets and seems powerful as he flattened everything he hid. He is only small like ricochet and is a black bird like drift.

    Yes it is odd there is nothing on my new game and there is not a lot I can do about it lol.

    @paul13 i have had him as well his weapon it reminds me Nitro Bumbleebe’s 3-4 rockets lunching. I hope that he will be worth it.


    It appears that Spark will increase the bonus in events when using a promoted TF, up to +50%. Only collected through daily quests. First promotion (+5%) is 500, second (+10%) is 1050. Going to take a loooong time to promote up. I promoted Greyslam Grimlock since he’s my go-to when I don’t use the bonus squad, particularly on missile day.




    Where you get that screen from please????

    @lewie4 Vortex Accessory (10% CoolDownWeapon) for regular Galvatron it’s not been fixed! Galvatron Shoots 2 times and take way toooo long time to work without that accessory the regular Galvatron only shoots 3 and a minor gap 4 times the most. So practically not many things changed from before… Is there any way to fix that accessory?



    @paul13 When I collected the 500 Sparks for completing all daily quests. It then took me to the Barracks and forced me to make a promotion.


    I have just completed all my daily quests and got gems and minerals, my sons android tablet has the sparks but my iPhone doesn’t

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