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  • Anyone else having this issue? more and more – expecially in the stunt tracks in the Versus races. )ne out of three or more often, I get an unwinable race, as in I get an opponent that literally goes twice as fast as me. I watch him pull away as if I was not even moving. This is on a medium challange.

    if I am luckly I can disable the other cart if I have a bird that has a ranged attack.. I stress lucky since they blow past me so fast.

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  • AMslimfordy

    Sometimes the matchups aren’t in your favor, or perhaps your cart is a bit underdeveloped for the Medium difficulty.


    there is a difference between a challenging race and one that is impossible.
    some of the hard vs are a challenge, medium should not be an issue.

    Just unlocked HAL, medium should mostly be a cake walk.


    @revmoriarty. Have you ever tried to Race using Chuck and Corporal Pig . Other question did you use the 3 power/ups !!! If you use all 3 power ups with a fully upgraded Kart : trust me your opponents will fall on slim racetrack , you won’t see them behaind you. Other tip ( the special power on both will give you high speed just at 95% of the race ; also the special power of corporal pig it’s very usefull on mid-race if!!! They are to close of you used to destroy them. Good luck.


    in Stunt VS mode, the 1st half of the track is important!!! Do not let opponent overtake you! Use bomb or terence will be great!!! they can slow down their speed!!! but you will have to time it right!! if not, foreman or matilda will be useful as well!

Home Forums Angry Birds GO! Forum unwinable VS races

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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