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    Until recently I was allowed into the Tower every 1 hour. It is now saying it won’t be open for 12 hours!! How can this be as there hasn’t been an update for ages!


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    @rsmallwood it is a server side setting so they don’t need to update the client in order to change it.

    As best I can tell there are multiple versions of the tower, i.e.

    * Some users can access the tower once per day, whilst others seem to be able to access it once every 12 hours and even some that can access it every hour

    * Some users have a max floor of level 30 where they can win a fancy hat, yet others have to reach level 90 in order to get a fancy hat

    * Some users only have 3 cards in the tower, whilst other users have 4 cards

    Now I can only guess that they are breaking players into groups based on where they live. So as I live in Australia I get a 90 floor tower, that I can only play once per day, and it contains 4 cards per floor….where as someone in the US may have a variation of that, and someone in Norway may have a different variation again.

    Again I am guessing, but I imagine they are trying all of the different options across all of the different groups/regions to figure out which options get the users (you/me/everyone that plays AB2) playing, and most importantly for Rovio spending money.


    Europe, 90 levels, 19 hours and 4 cards. And boring as well…

    Jon S


    Hi Chucky, the different versions of the tower are a thing of the past. I live in Canada and I had 30 floors 3 card tower and so did James Penden who lives in Chicago, US. BOTH of our towers literally changed overnight, as well I was granted 3 hrs to beat KPP where usually it’s 1 hr


    China, 90 floors, 4 cards.
    24+ (28) hours interval.
    1 hour for KPP

    fun person

    I live in the Bay Area, in California and the Tower says it’s open every 11 hrs, but it’s actually every 12 hrs, it has 60 floors and 4 cards. The premium hats are on the 30th floor. I only reached 36th floor only using 20 gems. That only happened once. Getting past the 10th floor is very slim.

    Joe Dolphins

    Well up until 2 days ago, I was playing the tower every hour. Now it’s every 19. It is not a regional thing because I was playing every hour and a person playing right next to me was playing every 15 hours.


    The frequency and number of levels of the tower probably has something to do with a players rank and how far they advanced in the game and level of birds. I am just happy that my first pig is back to being 20 gems instead of 100.


    “My Tower” changed a couple of days ago. I was playing every hour, but now it’s just every 20 hours. I contected Rovio, they asked me for my Facebook account, which I find pretty messed up – no Support without a Facebook account? Thank you…
    Nevertheless, they didn’t help me so far.


    Exact same here in Sydney, Australia.


    My test and observation:

    Play and complete TOF around 12:00 pm. Then (after 2 hours) it showed 19 hours waiting for next round.
    After another 8 hours, I click the grey TOF icon, it showed 17 hours waiting time. How weird it is?

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Tower closed for hours

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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