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  • I just want to share some tips for playing Monster Pigs Event.

    Equip your ship
    1) try to get the double attack

    SP parts
    1) I never got any SP parts. Maybe somebody can help me on this topic.

    Ship Energy
    1) Always use 1 energy per attack for your own pig and wait for help. Do not try to clear your monster pig at 1 go. You will get more points per energy if you use your energy to help others, especially golden monster pigs.
    2) only use the ship energy to attack your monster pig again if time is running out or you going to max out your ship energy.

    1) help other as must as possible, but use only 1 energy, let other have a go at the monster pig as well!
    2) by using 1 energy for different monster pig, you will have higher chance to get more points!

    Monster Pigs
    1) the monster pigs are extremely strong toward the end, you may want to consider helping others rather than finishing your own monster pigs. You may need up to 10 ship energy to finish it off!!! (It happen to me!!!)

    Any other tips, please feel free to share here.

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  • FreckledPig147

    “SP” parts simply give you a bonus in a certain stat when against the monster pig.

    It’s best to try to focus on one pig rather than juggling 3 pigs from help requests. That way, you can avoid not being able to defeat a pig, which is a waste of ship energy!

    Try to look at the number in the star when receiving help requests. Go for the ones with higher numbers and are closer to being defeated – they give you more rewards!

    You can get a point bonus if you deal the most damage out of all the people participating in a battle with a monster pig, even when battling others’ monster pigs!

    Don’t try to help people with ordinary monster pigs if you have super monster pigs on the line.


    What IS an SP part? I haven’t seen any yet. How do you get them?


    @Sealy SP parts are special ship parts that can only be obtained via Slot. They are rank SS. On the slot prize list, they are right at the top (Knight’s Ship items) and have the letters “SP” in the skill icon. They give you a boost in stats if you’re using them against the monster pig. However, there are different SP parts for different monster events, so the current SP parts won’t be as useful next monster event, as there will be a different monster pig.

    Alina Liselle Fitzgerald

    Does anyone know how to lower your ranking score!? Mine is 8000 and I need to be under 2000 to get the best ranking prizes. What lowers it?

    Alina Liselle Fitzgerald

    The lower the ranking score the better the prizes are and you get more. But I haven’t figured out how to get it lower it just seems to get higher ? It was easy for me to lower my ranking score in the arena event


    Pretty simple: defeat monster pigs and get points. With around 20.000 points you are usually placed below rank 2000 at the end.

    Extra Tip: usually at friday monster pigs from the previous events will return which will give you massive points. Try to fight as much as you can!

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