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  • I have been saying this for weeks now so this is not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s time to say good bye.

    Unfortunately the game has nothing to offer me any longer. The Events and even the biannual caves are just the same as before with stronger opponents. The Arena is no longer any fun. Rovio clearly do not wish to solve the Cheat problem. The last attempt was a disaster and even though they have had some success in the past they do not choose to keep them confined to Cheater Leagues. I note this new patch has no mention of Cheats.

    I am not sure that late joining works unless you have already reached Diamond and simply wish to stay there. In my case I play very little at the weekends so it is not for me. I have no desire to spend several hours playing each day simply to progress.

    I am missing two hats so I might play the next events to get them. My birds are all 80/80 I do not intend to grind them to 100. They are powerfully equipped and hopefully can provide my friends some fun to a few months.

    My thanks to everyone for the support and advice you have given me over the past few years. Many thanks to my particular friends for borrowing my birds and maintaining my supply of FE. I will continue to borrow your birds while you remain active.

    in the UK we lift trophies to show them to our fans.

    I will miss you all. Goodbye.

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  • Leung Wai Hoong

    @bubbley All the best!


    I don’t need to say how much you will be missed by me and all the other friends because you already know. It has been a long haul for a lot of us hasn’t it?




    Hello there, no time no see. It’s a sad time when the first few people I met here are all gone (and I do mean all) and now the next batch I knew are also mostly empty (which started with angryjohnny). This is a sad truth that Rovio clearly are a bunch of incompetent fools who cannot maintain quality gaming for a game they claim to have (or had) over 1 Million players worldwide.

    I dunno. This game had a distinct charm when I started playing it but now it has lost its finesse and is just a empty husk of an example as to how a game can be milked to death. The bonus kick in the groin is that since this is an online game, if they shut down the servers someday, no one will be able to play anymore even after they keep the game installed. But even now, players are dissatisfied with how Rovio treats players and just assumes their participation in cheating while the real cheaters are running amok. You and suzyq are the two people whom I know tried ever so hard to pinpoint cheaters and maintain a proper table when Rovio couldn’t do themselves. I am not active anymore in Epic myself after my humiliation but it’s still sad to see you go. You will always be one of those whom I know so closely here and I will remember you for all your contributions.


    Goodbye Bubbley =( I wish you well! I certainly don’t blame you. The game is a chore now. I look upon it with the same excitement and enthusiasm as I do scrubbing the toilet or scooping the litter box.



    Thank you for all your help and advice. Really going to miss you 😭




    @bubbley we all knew your inclination, so this comes as no surprise, yet it really marks a sad point for ABN. We are losing educators at a very alarming rate, soon new players will have no one to ask, and these pages will lose any revelance they may still have.
    Thank you for your FE support (you were one of my very first FB Friends when I finally made that leap for the game) and used my Birds every day.



    Another sad day as we’re losing a pillar of this community. You’ve been very supportive and helpful, and have done us a great service dedicating the time and effort to track the cheats. Alas, Rovio has let us down to the extent that pushed away many fine members. I wish you every happiness that you may find in whatever you embark on in the future, and thank you for being my top 3 FE contributors over the months.



    I recommend My Singing Monsters as a new game you might like to try (if you haven’t already). It scratches that “collector itch” that so many of us Epic players obviously have, without the pressure/action of games like AB Transformers and its ilk. Maybe just as importantly, their support staff actually seem to care about the players!

    This is self-serving, because I enjoy the camaraderie of this forum as much as many other aspects of Rovio’s various AB games, and I’m already pretty well-invested in MSM, but that doesn’t make my comments above any less true, haha!

    Regardless, good luck finding SOME new thing to replace what joy you used to get from AB Epic. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to hear about whatever that might be if/when it happens.


    So this sad day has arrived.

    A huge thank you Bubbley for all the good hints provided through these years of playing. You were the source of many many many good advices and, even more important, you were the true Paladin of this game, “in the Epic battle against cheaters”. As one of my first FB friends, your flock were the reason why I was able to complete many caves and tricky levels.

    So. Thank you very much Bubbley, you’ll be deeply missed.

    Wish you all the best my friend. Hope to see you here from time to time.

    Thank you all



    Remember, you’re not losing a game, you’re gaining some free time to invest in a different game.


    @bubbley – You will be missed! I am not as much a part of this community as you, but the same happened to me. I am still logging in once per day to get my calendar item, but 3 weeks ago, I all but quit Epic as well.

    I moved on to Angry Birds Evolution. I am thinking about quitting that too, but you may want to try it. If you do, make sure you avoid this mistake that I made – one of the reasons I am considering quitting. Unlike Epic, you want to play the campaign part of the game only up until you have unlocked the RED area, then quit and play it no more. In Epic, you wanted to defeat levels as quickly as possible (like Mouth Pool) to “lock in” the power of the enemies there. It is the opposite in Evolution. You need to unlock all the colored areas, but then if you progress any further, you are setting yourself up with STRONGER enemies in any battle you fight from then on. So do it until the RED area, and never again.


    @bubbley – I have enjoyed your comments, but I sure understand your frustration. Just today, after fighting all week to stay first in my group, in the last hour of the weekly arena I was placed in five different groups – all the players were different after each battle – and ended up third. That is certainly a new outrage from Rovio! Got screenshots of all the different groupings to send them – I think their servers went nuts… Anyway, good luck and stay well…

    Ronald Rutherford

    Bubbley: Luckily, I don’t think I got shifted around to that many groups. But I was like in 2nd place in my league and then less than an hour left of the week, I was working hard to get to 1st place and suddenly I was in like 16th place!!! I was like fuck this as going from 3 stars to one star and no promotion! Seems like a waste as all week I was busy maintaining daily goals.



    @bubbley I’m sure you’re off having a life now ;) but I’ve been having a break… and just read your farewell post. Thanks for all your contributions over the year; you’ll be sorely missed. Fare the well!

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