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  • Already running for a few days.

    Nine total rounds with a chest, and then feathers for rewards.

    Round 1 starts off with 4 rooms, and progresses up to 7 rooms by Round 7.

    And Round 7 is a major pain.  Lots of rooms can take 3-4 birds due to rocket pigs, umbrella pigs, miner pigs, wrench throwing pigs, pigs on out of the way structures, and of course, just having 3 structures which each take a bird.

    Best I’ve done on Round 7 is making it to room 6 with no birds left.

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  • Buster

    I did not beat level 7 — I never even made it to the final room. I’d have been willing to fork over some gems to get the 5000 feathers, but I wanted to at least see how hard that room was.


    I actually made it all the way through, but rounds 7, 8, and 9 all required gems for the final room.

    Rounds 7 was the worst by a wide margin. I was stuck on room 6, but had an almost full destructo-meter and the last pig was an easy kill with any bird. I took a chance, got good birds, and managed to clear room 6 and 7, but 7 took all three birds.

    Rounds 8 and 9 required gems for the final room, which also took 3 birds to clear, but I made it there so I knew I could do it as long as I got 1 good bird like Bomb, Terrance, or Stella.

    The feathers helped me get 4 birds all with 2,000 feathers to being leveled up. My plan is to try to level up as many as possible during the next feather frenzy. One or two will probably happen randomly, but I’m stuck in DC hell so maybe not.

    Doom Baby

    Leveling up your birds doesn’t make things easier. In fact, it makes things more difficult. Rovio set this up to add more and more rooms to each level as your FP goes up because they know if you’ve gotten this far in the game, they’ve got you hooked, and they know you’re gonna spend gems (and therefore money) on the game. The lower your FP, the better off you are. Start another account on a different device and make it a point NOT to allow your birds to level up. You’ll see what I mean.


    I will never spend real money on the game.  I bought a gem letter once because I got a free Google Play gift card, but that was years ago.

    And I’m not going to start over.

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