The new Spin the wheel

  • First of all could someone explain what the new skull means in the power up spin?  Second, the jackpot chance with a Level indicator. I guess it means that you bet 50 coins to get another spin to hit the 1000 coin jackpot? What is the the Level or bar for?  This stuff is just thrown in the game with no explanation.                                                          One other gripe is since the Popeye theme started there are now two big banners at the end, down at the bottom right that completely block the view of what’s left to get. They have always been there but now they are BIG. One says end game and the other says use a power up. Very annoying that you can’t see that part of the screen.

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    you make good points  – awaiting some good answers, but not holding my breath 😼

    Chicken Lover

    Hello! I’m not too sure either, when I tried spinning the wheel, I only got powerups like the King Sling and Wingman. I’ll have to see when I have some more free/ad spins.


    Edit: I was able to land on it, and it’s basically a “Sping Again” thing. It’s called “Bad Luck” and it gives you nothing, but it still fills the bonus meter by 1 like the others.


    There is a blue info button on there, if you click it it gives you information about the skull and for other stuff.



    You are right. I looked at that but didn’t scroll to the right far enough.

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