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  • 5 Days

    Requires the Knight’s Hat which most people should have already.

    Rewards are chest, 500 feathers, 2,000 feathers, and 10,000 feathers.

    Only finished rounds 1-3, but so far it is not been hard.  I’m sure that will change soon enough.

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  • bill

    About time the butt heads give us a game that doesn’t require total gem reduction and real money to collect them in the TOF.

    But I’m betting the next hat event after thus in WILL BE a new 10k hat set.


    Easy as can be if you have all the hats.  Could probably done it with one hat missing.  Made it through in about an hour.


    Well it is a pleasant change to play the challenge with a full set for my first time. And this is good for newer players to get to play. Failed at level 4 but lots of time left to keep trying.


    This is much easier than the previous “old hats” adventure. You can complete it with one try.


    The easiest hat adventure event ever. FP 700, finished each level from first attempt. That’s the way a fun of the game should be, difficult but not impossible levels with plausible gift at the end (1oK feathers).


    Stupid me, I assumed it would be like all the others so didn’t even look at it for a couple of days. Then I discovered all the birds with the right hats were eligible for a temporary power bump, BUT you have to go in and select that hat to get it for each bird. That is, it didn’t apply automatically.

    And as others have mentioned, it was the easiest hat event I can remember. No do-overs required.


    Honor II adventure was as easy as first one. Fun to play, sadly missed legendary hat for Chuck at the end but Rovio – this is the way to do it!


    Yep, easy as can be. Only had to try one round more than once (Round 6) and that was more due to my mistakes than anything else.

    Only got 850 pearls from the legendary chest, and all of the other cards were also 850 pearls. Haven’t seen that happen in ages. Oh well; I’m hoarding pearls until I have enough to finish multiple hat sets at the same time which means I’ll need about 100K.

    Twisted Lemon

    I was happy to see that it’s using basic hats that everyone should have. I forgot about the event for a few days and then saw that I still had it, so I played it and crushed it within an hour, only restarting twice on the last round as I used one too many birds here and there.

    I got a load of pearls from the legendary chest which is always nice; if I’m going to get pearls then it’s got to be at least 200+ otherwise it’s just not worth it. Seems only the legendary chest gives decent amounts, with the rare chest occasionally giving an acceptable amount.


    They have to do these once in a while for the benefit of newer players who don’t have all the hats yet. I remember these didn’t seem so easy when I was starting out. But it’s a nice change of pace for the experienced players.

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