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  • before version 1.0.14 the game was normal, never crashed after upgraded to version 1.0.14 the game simply started to catch too, when I turn the game he does not respond for a few minutes, when I start the battle the game does not respond for a few minutes, and sometimes the game simply closes out of nowhere, like hurting a lot when I’m in a cave or dungeon, in version 1.1.0 I thought the problem would be solved, until it decided a little when she saw the advertising game crashed too, since now not lock after seeing the advertising, have any solution for this crash?

    excuse my English, I used google translator

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    I’m not really an expert at this kind of thing but you could try restarting. That clears the RAM which is good for your phone and also makes it run smoother.


    Or try removing the app from your phone and then reinstalling it from the App Store.


    I have the same issue I have tried both recommendations above and still crashing, cant play a single battle without it crashing


    BTW im using samsung galaxy s5


    @richdiaz84 @teste12345 You guys could also go into your phones system files and clear the cache from the game. Its sort of like a debug.


    I’m on iOS and until after midnight tonight the game has been working relatively crash free, but now every time I click on the egg in the bottom right of the screen the game crashes so I can’t change my birds, buy anything or even get to the anvil, cauldron or pig machine. I also tried turning everything off and back on. Hopefully Rovio fixes this soon.

    I logged in 9 hours later and it looks like Rovio fixed their server problems since it is working for me now.

    I have the same issue. I can fight 2 or 3 times. When i try start next battle game stops responding.
    I have tried clear RAM, reinstal, clear game data.

    Please fix it. It’s very irritating.


    High number of crashes today for me as well. Along with other odd behavior. One time I had to fight a wave of opponents who did not even show up on one of the battles, had to drag the attack until the arrow changed color and hope it worked out, crazy but I didn’t want to waste my stamina.


    My game has started slowing sometimes and crashing. Also, it keeps logging me out of my Facebook which is intensely irritating.


    If you’re having crash issues after trying all the tips listed above, you really should open a support ticket with Rovio. They may have information specific to your device which will help.

    You can open a ticket here:


    Strangely, before the 1.1.1 update my ABE was also crashing alot. Although, i don’t know why and how, now game runs much smoother, still crashes but more rarely, and i am finally able to do anything. I don’t know if update or my tweaking done this but i can tell (Android only):
    1. Go to Android Settings
    2. Choose “Developer Settings” section
    3. Tap “Limit background process”
    4. Choose “No background process”
    This may help or not, although this or update helped me.


    I’ve had quite a few crashes too. The previous version of the game was stable for me. Tapping a bird in my nest, tapping a level in a cave, scrolling through the list of star-related rewards–these things have all crashed the game since 1.1.1.


    my game is crashing too, twice or more per “session” of play,
    I have restarted my phone several times and still got the problem :(

    I have the 1.1.1 version


    I’m crashing a lot more as well. Just started two days ago. It was fine before that. At first I thought it was only the Into The Void event, but it has been other battles too. It just freezes. Animation still occurs, but no sound and I can’t do anything. I have to force close it. This has been one of the buggiest games I’ve ever played.


    With the latest version 1.1.1 on the Kindle I’ve lost 4 into the void events (two 9’s, one 6 and one 12) because of freezes. A couple of times after spinning the wheel – and don’t get the award :( and loose the value of the energy drinks as well.

    I also gave up trying to watch video for the drink because it also hangs.

    I like the v1.1.1 features but by far buggies version.


    I have the same problem on my Kindle. Cannot play Void levels, game freezes and when I restart, stamina points are used. This happens on any of the Void levels.
    Other levels seem to be ok.


    Free apple juice screwed me out of 12 stamina pts this am, my wife is getting annoyed and so am I. WTF?

    in his post above may have the solution. I made the change to my Nook HD+ and to my wife’s. Mine has yet to crash & I haven’t my sweetheart complain either.


    @beaujack — I way past the apple juice. I don’t understand exactly what happened, but you should send a support request to Rovio with all the details.


    I submitted a request and they got back to me pretty quick. They said a bad advertisement was causing the issues (hmmm, seems to be a common problem here). Rovio removed the advertisement and told me to clear my cache. I did just that, hoping that the problem would be solved. Went in to the Into The Void battle, and the same thing happened.

    Really bummed because I’ve been neck and neck with someone else on the leaderboard and had a good chance for 1st place. But I’ve now have fallen behind with little chance to catch up, even if it started working right now. Unless I want to craft a lot of stamina and burn through friendship essence.

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