Strange Scores in Star Cup

  • Angry Birds Friends just got a major update. (and because it’s different and I’m old, I don’t like it but that’s for another day). I have noticed some strange scoring since the most recent update.  In some levels, it appears that I won it only to find out at the end that I did not win anything. I don’t have a lot of power ups to use, but if I think I can win a level, I would use them. Also, some times it appears that when I use Wingman to try and win a level, it’s not scoring very high. Almost like the multiplier is not being applied.

    In screen cap1, my opponent shows a score of 0. (and i highly doubt they didn’t get any points)

    Screenshot_20191104-062530_AB Friends.jpg

    and yet at the completion of the challenge, it shows I lost the first round.

    Screenshot_20191104-062810_AB Friends.jpg

    Then, playing a different opponent, it shows i won the third round (actually, i think i won all 3 but only a screen cap of the third). I did let the level sit for some time as i know some scores can go up after flinging all birds.

    Screenshot_20191104-195849_AB Friends.jpg

    and the completion screen showing i did not win any levels.

    Screenshot_20191104-195911_AB Friends.jpg


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  • sasilik

    Same here. Just lost in same way. I got little over million, other zero. And after ending stage he won. And there are other similar cases like you presented.


    I have the same problem. E.g. I see myself winning all the three levels. Then on the results page several thousand points are added to my opponent’s score, and he/she ends up winning anyway. It’s suddenly a lot tougher to win even first chest and sometimes the opponent’s score is unreasonably high!


    Very strange because I had the same problem, weird enough it was mostly fixed when I bought a new phone; I still use the same account, but on my old phone the game lagged a lot and I’m not sure but it seems to be connected, because now I’m able to win again and the score are more realistic… or it’s pure coincidence; but before I wasn’t able to win anything at all…


    This update is garbage. Rovio knows it’s garbage, put out a PSAa few weeks back saying they are working on it, and then nothing. I pretty much don’t trust any opponent’s score in Star Cup, because the system does what it wants after I appear to win each level, in order to make certain in the finally analysis that the opponent comes out on top. I will never use a Power Up in Star Cup ever again. Waste of time, “money,” and head space.

    Hey, Rovio, you owe all your customers who’ve been using the game since the update a TON of Power Ups and coins to make up for your major f*ck up.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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