Star Wars II gone?

  • I bought a new tablet but was never able to get al my previous scores, etc. to transfer.  AB Original and Seasons came over but Rio, Space, Star Wars, and Star Wars II did not.  So, OK, I’ll just play them again.   I downloaded them again, and started playing Rio again.  Finishing up Rio, I went to see which of the “lost” games I wanted to move on to and everything is available except SW2.  I got a message that said “ASSET DOWNLOADING FAILED.  TRY AGAIN LATER.”  Asset downloading??  Did they do away with SW2?

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  • Airplane Lover

    Angry Birds Wiki says Star Wars II is discontinued, along with Star Wars I and Rio. As for Space, I don’t know.


    it is discontinued, assets are gone. that’s all


    Actually, I had this happen with multiple games:

    AB Seasons(?), Rio, Space, Star Wars 1+2, Go, Stella, Fight and Action(?) were discontinued, although other games may have been deleted too. The only way I can play these games are via my old iPad 2, and even then only Rio, Space, and SW2. I only have SW1 Free, not the full version, and Go is downloaded but doesn’t work.
    AB Seasons may be available, but I’m not sure, and Action is probably off the App Store. The only pre-Angry Birds 2 title I could find was AB Friends, and even that was not as good as it used to be.

    Airplane Lover

    You didn’t find Bad Piggies and Transformers on the App Store or Google Play? Because I have Friends, Bad Piggies and Transformers on my iPad Air 2. Strange, because Transformers was made in 2014, before AB2, and I’m pretty sure POP! was made before Angry Birds 2. Or later, I don’t know.


    I can’t believe it!!!!!   knew that support was going to end for ABT Star Wars 2 was going away but did not think all my history was going away also!!!!!! This sux!!!!!

    You Gotta be Joshing me

    The PC version still works, although it lacks Revenge of the Sith and Rebels.


    I got it downloaded back on my iPad through jailbreak easy peasy. Still works but lacks in game purchases and such. I think I heard that player support ends at the start of the new year but I could be wrong.


    Angry Birds Star Wars II Platform: Windows. Version: 1.8.1 Description: Port of Android’s version features to PC (including Master Your Destiny, Revenge of the Pork, Rebels, Plus more characters and mobile GUI). Notes: No activation required. In Master Your Destiny locked red button are invisible, ported from internal data audio to audio asset Installation: Unzip rar and play :) Link:

    Note that this (obviously) uses assets from the mobile version, so audio and sprites WILL be lower quality.
    Credit where credit is due to Discord User [It’s Going To Be About Pirate#7201].

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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