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  • @phillips It’s not Rovio’s fault that I lost my internet connection. That I know. What is their fault is that they’re not recording my score properly, even if I had been knocked down to 4th place. As for how many tokens they owe me, technically you would be right if I hadn’t been knocked down, but this isn’t the first time that they have not properly recorded my final score. In a couple of previous special events, I didn’t have any problems with my internet connection at those times, but my leaderboard during those times was not updating properly in order to reflect my final scores for those special events. They need a way for players to save their current scores so that if there is mistake with the leaderboards, especially if the leaderboards are not updating properly, that mistake can be corrected.


    Just looked on my leaderboard. 17 e. grimlocks, 1 e. Lockdown, 1 soundwave and 1 ultimate megatron (me). I just don’t like e. grimlock, his weapon bugs too often for me. On the other hand, megatron gets the job done pretty good, only boss pig gives the headache.


    Hi all,

    Good news! There has been DRAMATIC changes to the game with today’s live challenge: Shoot the flying pigs.
    The nerfing has been lifted, YAY! :)

    No more needing to swap to another character to eke out a measly hundred+ points:

    I’ve ran about 5 full runs at full energy charge:
    All 4 times with the same Energon Grimlock, didn’t have to change to another character. My Energon Grimlock is level 10, and with the Sparks added to the bonus TOTAL of 30% more bonus points.

    so there’s no longer any need to spend Sparks on multiple characters now. Well, until they change it. ;)

    The runs are now long enough and with enough blocks and WMTs to give at least 700+ to 1000+ points. Although with every run it does seem to decrease by ~100 points but really, the game is SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE with many shootable objects.

    Getting Unicron on the 2nd or 3rd run, producing 1500+ points before bonus.
    Only managed to reduce his strength to ~25% due to his hiding behind trees and blocks.

    And Big Boss Chopper Pig occasionally on the 3rd or 4th run, producing 600+ points before bonus once he is killed.

    No more nerfing, YAY! With Sparks enabled the scores send you skyrocketing up the Leaderboard. :) :)

    ***However*** that means any competitors will have the same advantage, and also give you a good run up the Leaderboard.
    I’m ok with that since the nerfing has stopped. And the game is more enjoyable. Thank you Roxio / Exient!

    It feels like there is less stress on the CPU without the nerfing: Usually a game will drain my iPad3 about 10 to 15% every 4 runs at 1 full energy charge –
    now, it just drains 1%. Honestly. So the nerfing was draining our batteries?

    OK good luck you all, enjoy the live events with performance close to the Map versions. :)


    Must have been a bug or something as back to normal today


    @paul13 LOL…you may be crazy, but I’m pretty sure all of us are out of out minds because we’re still playing this nerfed turd of a game.



    Do you know what I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head we have to be out of our minds lol


    Played EGrimlock at level 15 with Headphones (+5%damage) and 20% promoted in the event on a cobalt Valley run. Raw score 726 yielded 860.

    Played Greyslam Grimlock at Level6 with Pilgrim Hat (+10% damage) not promoted in a Cobalt Valley run on another device. Score was 649.

    Not an even score comparison, given the differing levels (15 v 6), differing added damage from accessories (+10% v +5%) and promoted v unpromoted. About what I expected if there was no nerfing of promoted characters.

    Caveats: FWIW. YMMV.


    Last day today: Shoot the Golden Coin Boxes in Soundwave Superior.
    Another 23 hours 10 minutes to go before this live event ends, then one day for token exchange.

    No signs of nerfing… good! :)

    No signs of the gems promotions… bad! :(

    So when is Wheeljack available for purchase or token exchange?


    Wheeljack will probably be around Christmas. Dead End was end of the month. Generally speaking except the one event where they released all 3 seekers together there normally is a little bit of a gap between the release of new characters.

    @20qmindreader If you are using Energon Grimlock against the Boss Pig, try tapping at multiple targets at the same time including the Boss Pig and his missiles. I’ve been able to destroy him fairly quickly this way. But be careful, it’s easy to miss one of his missiles if you’re careful. It also helps if you upgrade Energon Grimlock to a higher level. I currently have him at level 9.


    @jimmy-necessary the point is not to destroy him fairly quickly but destroy him late (I normally wait till Astrotrain flies overhead). As the missiles are worth 15 points each the longer he is alive the more missiles that can be destroyed the more points you get.


    Yup. I waited until the Astrotrain flew over before finishing off Boss Pig and scored 1178 pre-bonus and 1649 with the 40% bonus. The faster you destroy his missiles, the more you’ll get.


    There are accessories giving us “+10% Transform power”. How that beneficial and what is that??
    Priority over defence and attack??


    That’s basically the amount of force the character expends when it drops into play as a buddy. More transform power, more damage caused to structures when it hits the ground.


    @mukesh007 and @dmsral,

    I understand that “Transformer Power” adds bonus time on vehicle mode when you transform.


    @mukesh007 It speeds up the character’s transforming. The quicker they can transform the faster they can get out of danger or get back into bot mode to shoot something.

    That would be “Vehicle Time”.


    @armourbender I must be playing the other ABT, the one where everything is still nerfed, you get plenty of 300 point runs and “players” named UOKJVIDJLLUPGT come out of no where to take the lead by 5,000 points in the last couple of hours or after the first hour of the challenge they are already ahead of second place by 15,000 points.


    That is why I stopped playing. That and all the bug issue that suppose to be cause by my devise. And when I tried to load it on a different devise, it shorted me months of play time. I was down 30 levels and missing TFs that I acquired. When informing rovio about the problem, they never responded back. So I deleted the app and moved on to another game without all of the bug issues this one has. I play games to relax, not to get stressed out over issues that they will never fix and blame the devise for it.


    @sntrooper thanks!! Nd @dmsral trf. buddy is dropped is of other player somewhere in the world, so if I add trf power accessories that is of no use…
    PS: I don’t think buddies in Normal node Run r real player.


    @mukesh007 they are real players if your connected to Facebook and your Facebook friends also play (although they are auto controlled not being used by the player). If not they are bots.


    It’s finally over…

    The Good:
    The offered bundle was nicely priced. I already had Ratchet so it was a $5-6 pack of 150 or so gems, 500 spark, and I don’t remember what else. Oops. But it was nice. I thought about buying it, so that tells you something.
    THE FLYING PIGS ARE FINALLY NERFED! Ding dong, the pigs are dead, which old pigs? The flying pigs! Ding dong, the flying pigs are DEAD!

    The ‘Meh’
    I’m not impressed with this spark stuff.

    The Bad
    Was Wheeljack supposed to show up? I never saw him.
    These competitions keep reminding me I hate these new leaderboards. And I keep wondering about the top scorers. Either they are spending a LOT of gems, got a much better boss run spawn rate than I EVER do, or something’s fishy.
    No bonus squads? All bonuses are now build your own? Getting really sick of being soaked for cash. Without this spark nonsense, I’d have jumped on that $5-6 bundle!

    This game is starting to feel like a forced march and like trying to deal with a Mafia – want new stuff? F@ck you, pay us. Straight up or in suspicious competitions. Oh look, your bots just got nerfed! Want them to be useful again? F@ck you, pay us.

    I play, well, have been playing, this game because it was a FUN Transformers-themed time killer. Now? I’m looking elsewhere for both my Transformers and time-killers. And it’s a shame, because this game was, is, and still can be quite enjoyable. (I freaking loved the Halloween event! I know I keep saying it, but it’s true!)

    I really think if you stopped trying to extract $20 from a small chunk of us each competition you’d find at least 4x as many of us would get the cheaper bundles. And we’d like this game so much more.


    @swing Actually we’re both playing the same version unless it’s different on the Android version as I’m using iPad 3 and iOS 9.

    I came back to report here and it’s all bad news NOW.

    2 versions have come out as of NOW:
    Earlier this morning this NEW version came out and some nerfing is evident. Noticed this new build approx 22:00 UTC / GMT +0.

    Then a few hours ago NEWER version came out and THEY CHANGED ALL THE FORMULAS FOR THE LABS that we’ve been using for the longest time to farm for Gems, Minerals, Super Rarerium, OMG looks like my wallet wants to jump out and the money flow over to Rovio / Exient’s pockets…. :( :( :(

    So sorry that we all are experiencing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I reported a few days back.

    Now it’s back to being NERFED and worst, how to get more GEMS at the professor’s lab? auuuggggghhhhh!!!!!

    So that was about 1.5 days of playable but decreasing niceness. Until it became as nerfed as before.

    Sorry guys and gals, we just can’t win againts Rovio / Exient, THEY decide what sort of games THEY want to play with us.

    I can’t fight this feeling that we’re just being string-ed along, until we give up and surrender our cash to them.

    Anyway if this continues I’d rather play the Map version where there’s no nerfing. So far.

    The Dark Knight

    @armourbender i haven’t play the game at all what neferd was done in 4.2?
    also i am so sad with the removal of the gems from the labs.

    Why they hate us the users so much why the hell why?


    @elpapam the nerfing in version 4.2 was noticeable when if you tried to run E.Grimlock Level 10 and the scores were lower i.e. in the 200+ to 400+. Also the levels got shorter with fewer things to shoot & score big.
    So Roxio / Exient had fixed the game, let everyone enjoy good scores without nerfing for maybe 24 hours i.e. 500+ to 700+, I happily got + awarded more sparks for all 4 preferred bonus characters and… BAM! we got nerfed again.

    And this ridiculous removing of gems from the labs with 4.3 for the live event Rachet’ll Fixit. Come on! Soon this phone / tablet free-to-play game will be TRANSFORMED :( :( into an arcade version where you gotta keep paying real money to play. :( :(

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