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  • The Dark Knight

    @lewie4 using E Grimlock in a node after entering astro train every node the game crash and is closed! I lost 4 runs like this!

    The Dark Knight

    @20qmindreader Antonis???? What the hell are you talking about??? So my device is the problematic once again ah? Not the application’s fault… as always…


    I’m currently first in my group. I did my last run with Energon Starscream and now everybody thinks he is one tough TF. @rowdypup


    @grimLockdown the only reason he would be usable is basically the effect of explosive shots


    I installed ABT on a new phone and am starting from scratch on that device. This is the first event Using that device.

    Level 4 Greslam Grimlock has defeated Boss Pig twice and fought Unicron to a standoff. No gem recharges, not using a spark-boosted TF and not waking every 3.45 hours to do the maximum number of recharges so far; yet, I am first in cohort and just passed the 30 token level. Not tearing things up, though. Scores have ranged qfrom 320 to 1400 on the Unicron standoff.

    The filler (bottom 10) all show Medic, as do 2nd, 3rd & 8th. I noticed that the last TF I used in a regular node some 7 hours ago was shown on my score when I went to play the event a few minutes ago.

    The fun part- using lower level TFs and getting decent results. I mean, who would have thought a L4 Greyslam Grimlock kills Boss Pig, and get a standoff vs Unicron in a Cobalt Valley run…


    Something worries me about the Sparks concept.

    Anyone notice that playing the same character over and over again, he will tend to get less points every time he plays?

    It’s as if the ABT game will detect and give a level that has less targets, or a shorter run in that level, the next few times you run the same character.

    So the way out is to keep changing characters for every play. Which is what I do.

    It’s been happening to me today. Unfortunately my previous day’s 24 hours of Daily Quest hasn’t ended so I hadn’t tried the Sparks yet.

    Has anyone experienced this – with or without the Sparks?

    Thanks in advance for sharing.


    Ran into Boss Pig. His missiles now give 15 points each.


    @rowdypup The character shown is the last one used in or out of the competition, so don’t copy them. Right now I’m in first and it shows my character as Heatwave (I used him in a regular node right after I jumped to first by beating unicron with a Grimlock), the next five players are promoted E Grimlocks so they must be thinking WTF.

    I have also noticed this since before this event.


    The TF icon next to the player’s name on the leader board isn’t the last one used in the event, it’s the last node, event OR regular. I’m currently showing Winblade next to my name. So, if you want to disguise whether or not you’re using promoted TFs, run a regular node after.


    I don’t think the regular node runs characters get uploaded. So other people don’t see it only you. I haven’t seen anyone on my leader board with a character that isn’t a good event character or change without their points changing too.


    I think @millforce2k has it right. The icon is from your last run. The leader in my leaderboard is showing Megatron icon and the second Energon Starscream. I just made a regular run with Drift and I’m third in the leaderboard. The rest are Energon Grimlocks.

    Although, I could use Megatron and Energon Starscream in the event nodes if the percentage is high enough. Energon Starscream can kill Boss Pig but it is too weak against Unicron. Of course both TFs need some accessory to be useful in event nodes.


    @sntrooper Thanks for pointing out Boss’ missiles. I just did a run and focused on his missiles instead of destroying him as fast as I can. After destroying a whole bunch of missiles, I destroyed him and yielded 943 pre-bonus points.


    The news bulletin says the event ends:
    2016-12-07 0:00 UTC
    2016-12-08 19:00 EST
    That doesn’t match. That is a 48 hour difference. I wonder which is right.


    I guess we get an extra day in the US.


    @sntrooper the event just started, so let’s give Rovio some time to work behind the scenes and squash any pesky bugs- the same thing happened on the “Prime Time” event a while back where they released the event while it was still being developed, so it would crash whenever the starting cutscene ended


    @elpapam I only use gems that I farm from missions, prof pig or dailies. I won’t buy gems either. I’m using E.starscream for this event.
    Anyone have recommendations for the accessories?


    I wish they would make unicron runs longer. Most tfs are too fast to take Unicron down without a near perfect run.


    @droversdog part from token exchange we can get 500 sparks from daily challenge… So its equivalent to 420 tokens.. Earlier they used to give us 80~120 token… So I think giving sparks in daily challenge saves our token nd on the other prospective..
    I used to run to get 550 token from event run (no worry for standing in leader board.) 100 token aprx from daily event nd 200~300 from leader board… that means 850 per day. In 6 day event 850*6=5100..
    So I easily got 1 trf from each event.
    I go for 1st position only for one day that I got 1k token so can get 1 2 accessories..

    Now this discussion is read by Rovio so they increased level too much..
    Now I can get 50 token in the same playing time as its around 13 k score…

    Nd with daily challenge offering sparks I can only get 40~50 token
    So it’s like 250 per day nd from leader birds it’s 200~300.. so 550*7days=4000(aprx)
    People like me who want TRF cant get it without spending too many gems which also I don’t have in bulk…

    Finally…. Sparks for higher level player who own this Trf…nd causing problems for us who want us who wants trf. Nd all accessories as I don’t have them..


    @gabe-nestor even a perfect run won’t save you if there are falling monoliths that you have to transform to pass. Sometimes if it is only the one tower I will take the hit so as not to “shorten” the run by using vehicle mode. They don’t even have to be that much longer as sometimes his shields are about to drop for the final time before he becomes untargetable an extra 5-10 seconds would be enough (depending on falling monoliths).


    @armourbender, I got the impression that later runs get less points than earlier… but changing my bot to a different one didn’t score me a more rich level. All I got from that experiment was a loss of 10% bonus.


    Well, it’s that time to say goodbye for the game for good, that was nice to completely ruin the game with the nerfs (and not fuffiled promises about restoring the TFs firepower), too much competition, now we have that crappy mechanic to get sparks to “promote” characters to get a bonus in comps…

    You just begin the comp and you have someone who’s already at 23k points while with 3 runs you have only 1500 pts…

    Yeah, no thanks for that.

    nice job on ruining the game.

    For anyone still playing that “game”, i say to you be brave for it and hope you’ll find it fun, despite Exient trying to make it less fun to play.



    Spark Capsule, Canister, and Conduit can only be bought once. Just picked up Conduit and promoted EGrimlock to 10%. Now getting 20% bonus per run. Promotion to 15% is 1400 Sparks. Icon changed from one to two bronze bars.



    I’m sorry but including this spark to the game IMO gives us nothing. They have reduced the Squad bonus to zero unless you promote a Bot and to do that you have to earn sparks either by completing the daily tasks set or using tokens to swap for them which we use to get add-ons or exchange Gems for sparks.
    IMHO they really need to do 1 of 2 things.
    1. Increase the squad bonus to what it was and use the promoted Bots as an extra.
    2. Reduce the number of items we need to collect to obtain the daily 550 Tokens as at present the limits are to big and take some getting. I never got the full amount in the last event and I can’t see me getting it on this event either.

    The Dark Knight

    @paul13 this BS called Spark/Promotion was done in mind to take from us money from gem refills so we can exchange them with token get the “Spark”… BS big big big BS!!!

    So yeah i am not giving a single sent for buying gems! I will continue to gain those Sparks from daily challenge now that this Promotion is nothing to gain in ordinary nodes from map i really don’t care to spend money and time or tokens to obtain them. I prefer to exchange some tokens or gems with 2 accessories that i want and i done!

    When the time comes an Wheeljack will come, because i know for sure that the event leaderborder won’t change i will do the same i did with Nemesis Optimus Prime and Dead End, i will buy him at the bundle that it might be offered.


    Man I hate this company. The Amazon update was two days late and no apology, no free gift, nothing. Truely worthless team.

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