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  • I have purchased 2 of the optional slingshots, I don’t know how to activate them, how do I get them to show up?? I thought they would automatically show up once the purchase was completed, but all that happens is they don’t show a buy sign on them in the slingshot window. I’m an old guy of 54, but I can’t figure it out,any help would be appreciated. :-) thanks in advance!

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  • AMslimfordy

    I’m the top-left of the screen, you should see a few buttons. One of them is “||” (pause), for example.

    Look for one that looks like a slingshot. You can change slingshots as often as you’d like.


    Is it possible to activate the slingshot option on Angry Birds Seasons at any time or do you always have to wait for it to become available every few hours? A lot of times it ask me to watch an ad before it activates but then “freezes up” and once I close out the game and reopen it back up, I have to wait a few hours before I get the option for the slingshot again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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