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  • I am missing the following classes:

    – Witch
    – Stone Guard
    – Illusionist
    – Skulkers

    Is it worth spending precious LC’s on them?

    Is there any way to get these classes without spending LC’s?

    I am leading my event group, so I was thinking of trying to add 1 or 2 before the end of the event so I take advantage of the event bonus.


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  • Jadedbacon

    – Witch – She’s really good for Arena and ok elsewhere
    – Stone Guard – Good; High damage but poor protection. I prefer Samurai/Paladin
    – Illusionist – Good; Decent single target damage and pairs well with other heavy hitters; I prefer Wizard/Lightning Bird
    – Skulkers – Always enjoy using Skulkers, 2nd favorite next to Spies. Being able to provide a damage bonus while attacking as opposed to using your support helps keep momentum going. Also his support ability is one of the most unique in the game and can be pretty effective if paired right.

    Witch/Stone Guard/Illusionist were all available for free during their respective events, now the only way to get any of the classes you listed is by buying them with LCs

    If I had to give it an order:

    Skulkers > Witch > Illusionist > Stone Guard

    Angry Johnny

    I agree with what @jadedbacon wrote :-)


    Skulkers and stone guard have shown up as arena daily quest objectives, I would try to get both or either of those if you’re short on coins.


    Oh well, if this thread has still some attention. Sea Dog is still #1 on the list to be bought, right?


    I went with the Witch and Skulkers classes.

    Thanks for the feedback and advice.



    After I got all of my classes to rank 12 I got an offer to buy the Witch at a discount of 140 LC instead of 275 LC. It is surprising that I got the offer since I already have the Witch.


    @killerkea I think it’s a blanket offer. Everyone gets it and all the others even if you own them. I am regularly offered for birds I own.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Should I buy these classes?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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