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  • I have been loosing to people with lesser FP in the league, and I’m trying to understand the game better to win more often. I don’t have unlimited of $$ to buy chests now and then on the hunt of spells and in the “Legendary League” you need a damn lot of em.

    So what gives the best score?

    Say you have 7pcs of 4x hats and you got lucky and get 1 10x hat in a chest

    You upgrade slingshot from x21 to x22 as an example

    You get a feather jackpot and the card went from 50x to 51x

    Fact is, that FP doesn’t mean that he/she is better than you. I have battled against much better players than me and still won. With that said I seem to loose against some very weak players lately (according to the FP) FP doesn’t give a fair score with the event hats. A player can have 4 or 5pcs of those event hats, and be 15-20% weaker than you (FP), and still win with 5 million against you for some reason

    Oh well..

    My old thought was that it’s the slingshot that was the best idea to upgrade because it give some %% extra points @ each bird, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

    Anyone who knows more

    More score = more cards=greater success as in higher numbers

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  • Saphira

    I always thought it was better to upgrade my slingshot, giving an increase of 7 to my FP, than to save for one legendary hat, which is only an increase of 6 compared to a x4 hat. I got all x3 and x4 hats before I started working on x10 hats. I got several x10 hats out of legendary chests, for free, by the time I had all x3 and x4 hats.


    As far as a feather jackpot, obviously that doesn’t do much for you, since your FP only increases by 1 or often not at all once you reach 50,000 feathers per upgrade.


    If what you said was happened in arena, then,

    1. you are under skilled based on you lose to some lower FP player.

    2. the reason you won some higher FP players might be, at that recorded they might lose focus on play, surely, this could happen to anyone including you. or you brought more spells into arena.

    3. based on your slingshot is at 21, 22 level, your profile is relatively new to this game. better to join a good clan to accumulate feathers/pearls to equip your bird list. The goodness to join a clan is to learn from peers, especially in clan battle. At battle, you will know how good/bad you are, by comaring your FP score-ability against your peers’, ie, score divided by FP. Some of the skilled player even under low FP, can still score a high score/FP ratio…


    No and yes.. Sort of. Let me explain. When Im matched against a better then im using spells. Usually i get matched fairly the 3 first levels, unfairly against the next 3 and the next 4 is like unfair on steroids. However i can live with that if that worked like that every time. Sometimes it feels like wasting tickets in vain

    Yes Im quite new to the game, but i dont consider myself  to be a weak player tho. (depending on who you compare me to) Im a 419FP player, so compared to some of you I am a low level player


    weak or not, is not what you considered to be, it does need comparison. That’s why I suggest you to join a clan and to do the score/FP ratio comparison among peers.  For example, in last battle, if you have an average 90k per FP, then you would be a good player. If you reached 100k per FP, then, you would be an excellent player. To be a top player, you need to reach 120k per FP.  This ratio doesnt need you to be a high FP player, it applies to all kinds of FP, high or low.

    Angry Turd

    Arena play is ridiculously difficult for lower FP players. I have a second 500 FP account which I play and I am constantly losing to Arena opponents with a lower FP and a lesser MEB frame. I am throwing for birdies and strikes, but still lose! I am literally forced to use spells after bulb 3. I would rather play against Mighty Feathers than some of these difficult Arena opponents that I have been matched up against…


    @puffs, your weaker account is at 500? I’ve been playing daily nearly 6 months and my main account is still only 470! I may or may not start crying, depending if there are any witnesses…


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