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  • hogbeater

    If there are differences in FP of up to 800, then as you say it is pointless. My experience has been positive so far; I won the first tournament, and I am leading the third opponent of the second tournament 70 mill to 53 mill in my favour. I have only played it once and I was lucky, and I also got a mighty eagle as an extra card which helped!
    However, the prizes aren’t great and if my opponent plays again and beats my score I won’t bother having another go as I doubt I can beat it.

    My opinions of the new EBC is far more negative, but I will leave that to the relevant thread


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    A not so humble brag, but I actually managed to win the most current one. Granted the first opponent never played, but the others were good and I managed to squeak out victories against each of them. Got me enough feathers to finally bring Chuck up to the same level as everyone else.


    And it is back to crap.

    My current opponent has a FP ~200 above mine, and scored ~20 million more than me.


    This tournament is a massive screw up! I registered for the first tournament, it told me the tournament would start in (X) amount of hours. So I logged on after the tournament started and the game tells me that my opponent has defeated me. I haven’t played, I’ve only just logged on. I don’t know if you meant to log on as soon as the tournament starts, if so that’s stupid as I’m always asleep when the tournament starts. So I haven’t registered for any others, not registering for a tournament that I can only at certain times


    Ended up against someone with FP about 60 below mine, but who still outscored me. I’d have to stay up past midnight to try again for free and it is not worth 200 gems to still come up short. My last attempt was a perfect game as far as I could tell; multiple rounds cleared with one bird, and earned a Mighty Eagle, Chili, and Inflator.

    Still came up short by roughly 5 million.


    Im done with this stupid thing. Outscored all the time and no chance to even come close.


    Opened it up and was posted against someone with an impossible score for me to match. A couple of birds to prove that and out.

    The game has been rancid for me for the last month – I’m a week or two away from deleting it and moving on.

    Been playing for over two years and am getting lower scores in the last month than eighteen months ago.

    19 in the MEBC yesterday ffs.


    My opponent today has 25% more fp than me. During first  tournament fp of participants matched almost to the single point. Now it became the same s..t as arena.

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