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  • AngrySmurf

    Rovio won’t change. Just explore some of the comments in this forum – folks paying out cash to Rovio left and right. Why change?

    Swine flu

    Yep I told them in a complaint no gems would ever be bought again until pigs popped when hit and clam events go back to the old way. Just trying to make you pay more for points u already earned. And all because you drop a bomb on a pig and he doesn’t die or roll. Or a big concrete chunk falls on him and and nothing. They are ruining the game with this silly stuff.

    It should he challenging but not rigged against the player


    Just look at this… He should at least get major damage in reality if not die immediately. Boss pig


    @jo-ha, thanks for video link. I have to remember than when facing next lava room. OTOH, the guy in video seemed to have awfully good luck.

    Also, from another video I found the secret of beating Tower of Misfortune: You just have to have endless stash of jewels…


    Ang Ryone

    Daily Challenge is a waste of time, gems and enjoyment. Start playing it, quit and take gems rewarded.


    @dezsike, in my phone account, Terrence bounced back after hitting ONE small balloon and failed to do any damage, except for destroying a pathetic wooden block on the ground, if that counts.

    , most of the days, rovio will make your life very, very difficult in the DC and KPP. However, sometimes there are lucky days when rovio turned off its ‘unfair mode'(putting it very mildly here) and let you complete the DC and KPP in one try and get good rewards in the rare chest afterwards. So, just play the DC, esp when 1st room has 2 panels.


    Generally speaking, I’m getting tired of all the bugs AB2 has. I was just revisited one which I noticed some weeks ago. Because of double feathers, I thought I upgrade my slingshot from level 20 to 25. Problem is, one upgrade vanished and I don’t have enough BP to make yet another upgrade. Also, not enought time to get BP needed in time to make upgrade while feathers are doubled.

    Last time it was solved by randomly getting hat from treasure. The hat I already had! Nevertheless, it made already complete set complete again and gave the missing upgrade to slingshot. I would seriously hate to wait random hat from rewards this time.


    Oh yeah… and  thanks to game crashing at level 7 of Arena streak, goodbuy 3.000 feathers for bomb. Like it was not already enough to get opponent with all spells and level outrageusly higher, almost like from completely universe.


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Rovio oversteps again

Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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