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  • Nostromov

    crashes have cost me 62 Stamina so far.

    Yeah, that’s -just- gr8, isn’t it. @timber


    As of 8 AM EST I had a 6K lead over second place and when I checked in at 11AM, the player who was in 11th place 3 hours ago went from 3,750 to 33,230 to take first place.

    I refuse to buy stamina and only use FE sparingly but a 29,480 point increase in 3 hours seems a little fishy.

    I’d report that to Rovio right away. From what people have said regarding Arena, Rovio is pretty good about cleaning up cheaters (hopefully)

    My board has been pretty competitive with 2-4th position constantly shifting (me being among them) and 1st place trying to stay way ahead of us, but i’m finally catching up some… maybe… probably not :P



    I’d report that to Rovio right away.

    Where, how?..:)

    Btw., also, trying the get items – I was playing the first of the Candy Cane stages & it would not give it to me, even after many (!) Friendship Essence re-rolls – and then moved one over (also costing, just, three Stamina) & it’s a hit, almost every time! =)

    Edit: Screenshots @

    View post on

    ^^ Gah, they’re in reverse!


    I’d report that to Rovio right away.

    Where, how?..:)

    I could not find a place to send anything other than rovio and it seems to be more of a business email than a complaint email.

    It’s a moot point anyway since I don’t have screenshots of the cheaters scores


    I won Frost Savage!!!!!


    20 battles in just half an hour, hmm…


    @labinlim wouldnt have been the full 20, the chests would have offset some. Plus, people do stockpile a lot of stamina from previous events. Combine with a few FE and bingo.

    Less than 60 stamina potions and maybe 30FE tops


    Well it’s Christmas Eve so I can blame the champagne for not understanding what is going on in this thread. However I have the Savage. I have used him in the Arena for half an hour or so. Not one freeze although I have been frozen by oppponents several times. I am still trying to understand why he is better than Captain for me. I suspect that he won’t be.

    Merry Christmas to all and may the New Year bring joy!


    @bubbley He is equal to Capt’n. Deals the same 90% damage.


    I glitch every time on the last battle. Looks like I wont get any LC from the pig dungeon.


    Glitches have taken over (at least for me). I am able to finish one out of every two battles thanks to freezing. Seems to be connected to the wheel. Anyone else having the same problem? (Android). Holding on to top three at least :)
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Bazarov Anton

    Can anyone recommend a strategy for the 24 stage?


    I have Frost Savage now. So far, I am not very impressed with his performance in PvP/Arena. The problem is that for him to do optimal damage, the target needs to be stunned/frozen already. However, it is very difficult to stun the banner, since Samurai/Bard only have a 22%/21% chance respectively to stun with a basic attack (without Frozen banner since Pig Squire banner is meta). I find Frost Savage better for use in PvE where all foes have more health than your birds, and they all can be frozen if they attack you.


    Does anyone know any good strategy to defeat the boss level? I don’t have the classes that requires gold coins to buy it (except for Paladin) and I’ve tried different classes but it doesn’t seem to work very well at the last round of the boss level. Any ideas?


    @kogurazul Paladin, Rainbird and Priestess will work pretty well. Just knock out all other pigs before the boss and heal the “sugary” bird with Rainbird. If you have sets Dragonbreath, Twin Lightning and Sweet is recommended.


    @jadedbacon good game so far, this is the first event I’ve actually had some decent competition.



    @partshade Thanks for tip. I’ll try it out and hope it might work.


    Finally kept numbers before and after GP dungeon.
    LC: +11
    Snoutlings: +465
    Medals: 0
    I have more than enough snoutlings, could obviously use more LC. Not sure I consider the LC in the dungeon to be that generous. Six days x 11 LC/day = 66 LC, which isn’t bad.


    For the record, my board is all level 50, except 2 level 49 and one 47
    1: 60325 (me)
    2: 52300 (level 49)
    3: 48025
    4: 47650
    5: 47600
    6: 41050
    The people at 2 to 5 have been trading spots frequently. I hope I am far enough ahead to stay in the top 3.
    My friends'(all ABN, all level 50) scores are
    60,325 (me)
    lowest: 15,725


    I have spent 150 stamina drinks and about 70 FE to get to 67,000 points. On my board, that’s good for a tenuous hold on 3rd place. First and second have 80,000, and 4th has 60,000. 5th has 59,000, so I can’t rule him out for a last minute surge either. I will hold onto 3rd place, but it will be costly.


    @jim151 — Wow, that’s a lot of stamina drinks. I only had around 30 to start with, and I’ve spent 20. On the other hand, I had quite a lot of FE, and I’ve spent over 100. I use the FE to re-roll the wheel. I never settle for the lowest reward, and usually re-roll until I get the collectable or the max slice. Depending on how far ahead I am, I sometimes settle for the second highest slice.
    I only play the 3 stamina level once I’ve opened all available levels. It is the most stamina effective both in terms of average award / stamina and max award / stamina.


    I started the event with 470 stamina drinks. I’ve never bought any, but I’ve rarely had to use any either. All the mini events are stamina drink collecting exercises for me. I’m down to about 315. I started using FE to re-roll, as FE is more replaceable. But that’s expensive. I just spend 21 to get 4 450s.


    @mvnla2 The lowest score on your list is me! I’m happy with a 2x star finish on my crazy board. Lol. I could waste 100x stamina drinks and 200x FE and still finish with 2x stars… so I just accepted my fate, early on!


    Someone on my board increased their score by 25000 pts in 6 hrs or less today. I was really suspicious, but I ran the numbers, and it’s totally possible.

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