Rovio, can you PLEASE fix Bumblebee? He is such a wimp

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  • Am I the only one that dreads playing a Bumblebee node? He was the first TF and such an iconic TF. It is a shame how useless he is.

    At level 15, it takes SEVEN shots to kill a shotgun pig. Come. On. I optioned the heck out of him and even with incendiary rounds, he is still useless.

    and @arceemega

    Can you provide any update on the accessories working and have the devs look at how pathetic Bumblebee is and fix it?


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  • TheRedBird

    how about original optimus?


    Agreed! All of the variations of Chuck & Red are underpowered and almost useless, however they are more than adequate when computer-generated as buddies in the regular nodes.



    Thanks for your feedback regarding Bumblebee, I’ll pass it on to the dev team. As for the accessories issue, I’m afraid we’ve not yet managed to pin it down. As soon as we’ve identified it I will pass on any information I have.

    Francis Crawford

    For the record, I don’t think Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are comparable.

    I have a Level 15 Bumblebee, Level 11 Optimus Prime, and Level 9 Heatwave. My Optimus Prime + Heatwave combo did just fine in the Heatwave comp, on a lot of runs. But my Bumblebee was awful, which is why I used the lower-level alternatives.


    Finally, I hear someone complain about Bumblebee!! I don’t like using him either!! Either version of him… it’s like just drive right through… either use a strong buddy and a good energonicon to do all of the work.
    Regular Optimus is a beast tho, if equipped properly… I don’t know if there is a hidden bonus or not for the full Power Master set(Head, Shoulders & HIQ) but he’s almost like a StarScream with pads!!

    At least Bumblebee can transform quickly ^_^


    I agree about Bumblebee but think the original Optimus Prime is great with incendiary rounds and increased fire rate. I don’t really like the other Optimus’ either.


    Regular Optimus is awesome with the right accessories, though ultimate Optimus sucks. Which doesn’t seem right.

    how about asking the Dev team for a sandpit area to try out new accessories?


    I agree… that JackHammer is so disappointing that I really can’t tell the difference between having it on or not… he seems the same…
    I guess he might be good if you need to speed through a level in an event or something hit 2 blocks and V-mode out!!!

    I hope the ultimates in general get some new accessories some time to make them live up to their name’s!


    Yeah, pretty much cosign everything said in this thread, especially HIQ being a huge upgrade for both OP and UOP. Why no HIQ available for Energon Optimus?

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Rovio, can you PLEASE fix Bumblebee? He is such a wimp

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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