Rant-angry birds pop latest update

  • When I played angry birds pop this morning,I was like what character is allowed to play next?Then when I looked at a willow level,its replaced by Matilda.I was like ok….then suddenly I saw bomb,and then it hit me:angry birds stella is 100% DEAD.Basically the whole angry birds flock like migrated to golden island,Gale was like I will stay for a while before going and uses her special pop-which acts as a wild bubble and then like leaves king pig in charge.Then Gale,willow,poppy ran out of golden island,going somewhere….
    So for now….RIP STELLA FANS

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  • RedYoshi45

    You’re kidding right…?
    They still have Stella and Willow on the screenshots in the App Store!!! :/

    Guess it’s a good thing I threw the game off my device…


    My attention to this game just has disappeared.
    I remember when they told that Stella’s story will be continued in AB Pop… Now this game can be removed from the world.

    Also, Facebook version of the game is going to be closed. Just let it rest in peace, this game has nothing related to the Stella Pop.

    edit: Facebook version still has Willow and Poppy. Play as long as it’s still alive.


    also,now its worse…there is no FREAKIN replay button anymore >:(


    3 MAJOR WAYS TO IMPROVE THE GAME-mobile p.s tagging @rocketfury
    1.Add skins to the game aka choose bird -ex:Willow and Matilda,Bomb and Poppy
    2.Add replay button
    3.unlock levels for coins(use coins to skip level-p.s confirm button please)


    I’ll always keep Stella Slingshot in my heart and on my device. In good memory. <3
    (And Willow and Stella will always be two of my favourites of the flock!)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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