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  • 1. Angry Birds Space (I remember how hyped I was for this game, still my favorite to this day)
    2. Angry Birds Epic (Being a HUGE Pokemon fan, I loved the RPG style)
    3. Angry Birds (Although it feels a bit old, the game is still great, and we would not have the AB series without it)
    4. Angry Birds Stella (Loved how they had new birds, which is rare for the series. Also liked how a bird was the villain)
    5. Bad Piggies (Loved the game, but gets a bit repetitive after a bit)
    6. Angry Birds GO (Really like Mario as well, so I obviously like Mario Kart, so this game was really fun but the IAP’s ruined it)
    7. Angry Birds Star Wars (Never was a fan of Star Wars, but this game was actually pretty fun)
    8. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (See above. Just disliked the IAP’s)
    9. Angry Birds Action (It was meh. Dont really have much else to say)
    10. Angry Birds Pop (I like Bubble Pop games, but the health meter and difficulty ruined the game for me)
    11. Angry Birds Rio (Felt like there was no reason to make this game besides the fact Rio was popular at the time)
    12. Angry Birds Transformers (Was boring and I never cared for Transformers)
    13. Angry Birds Friends (Really just an expansion pack to AB1 with tournaments)
    14. Angry Birds Seasons (There is no story, and the game like ABF, feels like an expansion pack to AB1)
    15. Angry Birds 2 (Health Meter…Boring Stages….I could go on for hours on why this game is bad)
    16. Angry Birds Fight (Felt the game was too random as I was paired with people to high level or to low level. Just felt bland and the timer removed the ability to think about matches you make)

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  • TheRedBird

    how is abfight a bad game?Its a very nice game,random chances,match 3…to 500 are at its best.And oh believe me,mightyred and some others including me has reached gold crown rank


    1 aka the best ones: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars all in a tie

    2 aka somewhat in top tier: Angry Birds Epic

    3 aka okay but not too great: Star Wars 2 (was too heavy in IAP)

    4 aka meh but still fine: Angry Birds Stella (had potential but was discontinued for unspecified reasons)

    5 aka bottom of the barrel: Every single other game with the Angry Birds title.


    For my list based on personal opinion and experiences (at the moment):
    1. Angry Birds 2- Highly addictive with it’s immerse fun gameplay and creative design, with fun gimmicks in every world that make gameplay wacky (in a good way!)
    2. Angry Birds GO!- It BECAME fun when this happened: Matilda the Monster she became more of an antagonist and formed her own team of high-edge CPU’s (Moustache Pig, Terence, Bubbles, Hal, and Helmet Pig) that cause may-ham to the rest of the racers in an all out war (totally TRUE)
    3. Angry Birds Fight!- When it comes to fighting Monster Pigs for limited-time items or Arena battles for precious artifacts, or when it comes to exploring new lands and challenging the best players- I’m game!
    4. Angry Birds Transformers- Was a Transformers fan as a kid, and that spirit comes out when I play this- lots of action and upgrades make this game fun
    5. Angry Birds Seasons- It’s really fun exploring the constant updates of worlds and levels and collecting BirdWear in this classic
    6. Angry Birds Epic- I have become a master at this over the years- hence all the Set Items I own and my battle tactics (of doom)
    7. Angry Birds Action!- I’m just bouncing off the walls looking at birds bouncing off the walls in this wacky thriller
    8. Angry Birds POP!- Exploring the new lands and features are all what makes this game addictive and entertaining
    9. Angry Birds Space- The fundamentals of physics make this game perplexing and just pandemonium!
    10. Angry Birds Friends- Battling out the best Angry Birds players in the world is a hoot when it comes to themed tournaments
    11. Angry Birds Stella- Although discontinued, I made it up to level 30 on the bonus mode because of it’s addicting gameplay
    12. Angry Birds Rio- Never go to play this much, but it was really fun and classic when I did play it
    13. Bad Piggies- I loved being creative and letting my inner crazy out when it came to this game
    14. Angry Birds- Was a really fun charm of entertainment until the updates decreased and the game just became dull
    15. Angry Birds Trilogy (consoles)- As a mash-up of AB Original, AB Seasons, and AB Rio, this game was pretty fun (except for the elongated loading times)
    16. Angry Birds Star Wars II- Never really understood the concept, but it was fun
    17. Angry Birds Star Wars- Never really understood the concept, but it was fun


    Unfortunately Epic has way too little to do with Pok√©mon (Fight! goes a bit in this direction though… kinda like Puzzle & Dragons on the 3DS you could say) and even though I’m a HUGE fan of Mario Kart I can’t warm myself for Angry Birds Go!. I just feel nothing compares to the original. :(

    Anyway, this is how I’d put it, of course only the ones I play:

    — Slingshot games —

    1. Angry Birds Stella: I WISH they’d continue it. I REALLY do. It was so fun to play and the music, the different atmosphere, the new game elements and especially the new birds and the villain – it was a game I thoroughly enjoyed. Probably the only AB game I’d consider replayable.
    2. Angry Birds Space: Amazing game concept and it was well-executed.
    3. Angry Birds Original: The original is a classic. It’s a good thing the updates decreased… at some point you should just let a classic rest in peace. It remains extremely fun to play.
    4. Angry Birds Star Wars 2: The ability to play as the pigs is cool. And the character swaps are as well!
    5. Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars: Equally to me in quality.
    7. Angry Birds 2: Great graphics, lovely music… unfortunately too many flaws, glitches, bugs etc.. It has potential but Rovio needs to use it :( Also some of the boss levels aren’t thought out well.

    — Side games —

    1. Angry Birds Epic: I like RPG’s, this one goes in the right direction but it used to be better. Still a top game for me and one I regularly play and enjoy.
    2. Bad Piggies: Engineering? YUS! Being creative? YUS! Building your own death star to hunt down those nasty star boxes? YUS! The best thing about this game is the Sandbox really. The campaign levels are good too but the true fun is making and sharing your own vehicles and structures.
    3. Angry Birds Action!: Meeeeeeh. It’s cool for a bit. But the levels get frustrating fast. And the gameplay and the graphics just don’t hook me for longer than the 3 plays you get at a time before the energy meter is depleted.
    4. Angry Birds POP!: This is what a bubble shooter game should NOT be like. Ridiculous 3-star thresholds, way too high difficulty level early in the game, and way too many levels to even get near (temporary) completion. I want fun for a bit if I play this. Not never-ending frustration because I got that red bubble when I clearly needed a purple one.


    @smwforever45 For me AB 2 needs 4 simple changes:
    1. Remove that “room” mechanic as it makes a level go on way too longer than necessary (for a game of this type).

    2. Also, it makes the structures random removing any sense of strategy and placement. Fix that.

    3. They advertised the games as “pick your own birds” but still only 3 are given at a time meaning you are still limited in your choices and if you pick spell cards that means lower chances of your preferred bird showing up. I had a Blizzard show up in my line-up once with Chuck and those useless Ducks. Yeah, great line-up right there.

    4. Remove Mighty Eagle as a spell and make him a bonus mode to collect feathers like he was used to. I hate the fact that AB 2 has only one game mode and no redeeming quality for varied gameplay.


    You’re asking for such a major overhaul there it’s rather something for AB3 if anything…

    I have nothing against the room mechanic in general, but many many levels have too many of these rooms!

    I’d love it if structures weren’t random, too. @mighty-red-1’s work is pretty much useless with random structures and random birds (no offence dude, you do great work anyway) – leave out the boss rooms which are always the same.

    Maybe the game would be too easy if you had ALL birds and ALL spells available to use at any given time… Plus it might make the bird choice chaotic and the screen possibly overfilled with birds.
    I like the compromise we have – but I agree with you when it comes down to the spells.

    I second your ME idea.


    @redbird-justin you were right still……
    For me……
    1.Angry birds transfomers–of course!After there is a competition it makes me always wants to play to exchange transformers and accessories by tokens.Good game rovio!Like it 100%
    2.Angry birds fight–Even though you found me saying bad words to the forum,I still love this game.Better prizes and easier than before—Thanks rovio,I won the Hercules helmet (rare one) and the strong wining streak attack boost,bamboo stick and the barella ornaments from executive slot.The only problem is the people hacking and piggy problem……not easy to get pigs,famous guy Volans hacker.But he is removed.good job
    3.Angry birds go–still a fun kart game,even though I deleted it already.not much to say:)
    4.angry birds epic.The hack bug is to op.I can’t even fight before the valentine event already.Good items to slot but the lag bug let the game down:(
    5.abstar wars,star warsII,abspace,aborigin……Became a boring game for me now.Deleted so not much to say:(


    @smeargle123 Maybe you should discover more fun facts about abf.How could it be a bad game?
    Anyway I don’t want to spoil your opinion.Everyone has different opinion


    Best 1. Angry Birds Rio
    2. Angry Birds original
    3. Angry Birds Seasons

    I love the bad piggies too.

    Mechanic Pig

    1. Bad Piggies: I love how the loot crate update can make colours different!
    2. Angry Birds Go!: Fine 2.0 design, love how you can get more racers easier.
    3. AB Transformers: Fine too, I’ve got 1 whole page of characters.
    4. Angry Birds Action!: Loved it until the new Bad Piggies update came out.
    5. AB Pop!: Liked it until I realised how hard the levels were.
    6. Angry Birds Epic: Cool but too many glitches.
    7. AB Stella: Good thing a bird is a bad guy.
    8. Angry Birds Space: Must’ve loved the New Horizons landing on Pluto part.
    9. ABSW2: Love how you can play as the pigs.
    10. Angry Birds Fight!: Check out the arena and monster pigs!
    11. Angry Birds Seasons: Fine with all invasion of the egg snatchers levels done.
    12. AB Friends: So close to being a fun game.
    13. AB 2: Past level 100!
    14. Angry Birds Rio: It’s fine because there’s no pigs (check 1).
    15. Angry Birds: Seriously? No updates in a year?
    16. ABSW: I never had this game!

    Airplane Lover

    My top 10s are:

    1. Angry Birds Transformers

    2. Angry Birds Go!

    3. Angry Birds Epic

    4. Angry Birds Fight!

    5. Angry Birds Classic

    6. Angry Birds Star Wars

    7. Angry Birds Space

    8. Angry Birds Rio

    9. Angry Birds Seasons

    10. Bad Piggies

    Also Angry Birds Star Wars II is one of the worst (my opinion)


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