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  • We have idea fourms for every aspect of Angry Birds, but not for Angry Birds Go! So… well… post ideas for new competitors, new tracks or new karts!


    *Ice Bird





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  • nacho18

    @fooly08. I don’t understand very well your new forum it’s kinda confusing : why you don’t explain the main point. Could be more clear…!!! If you make a clear definition .

    Did you see my forum: calls . ABGO…!!!! Drivers wanted …!!! For…

    That forum it’s very ; very Ambitius …!!! But could be good if every one wants to cooperate …!!! There are a big bunch if players on ABN. That they visit oftenly ..!!! But nit all them are Drivers on ABGO . The Audience. On this forum it’s onfortunatly really short. But they all the drivers are good players on ABGO.


    Did you check out all the Topics on our forum!!!! If yes you are dedicated.
    Do you know there are at least 3 or 4 Topics that have at least 100 or more posting all together .!!!!

    Did you read my forum..!!! ABGO…!!!! Drivers wanted …!!!! For…. If not PLASE READ IT AND TRY TO UNDESTAND THE MAIN IDEA. Could you found out part of your idea on this Thrend …!!! Then talk to me About it.
    I will wait patiently for your Response. Maybe you want to be part of our Races or Drivers on ABN.


    @nacho18, Do you mean this thread: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/abgo-drivers-wanted-for/ ?

    That looks like an invitation to document and provide tips for the game as-is.

    This thread is for ideas for future releases.

    Here’s my two cents…



    * Give us an option in settings to turn off the rubber-banding. When I upgrade a kart, I expect to see real improvements in Vs. races.
    * Give us an option to tune karts any way we want, e.g. with 12 bars of acceleration and 1 bar of handling for the ultimate drifting machine. Or with 12 speed and acceleration and 1 strength, just for giggles.

    * Multi-player (already in the works)
    * And Rovio, please quit being so money-grubbing with the IAPs. This game has a pay-to-play feel to it. Come on, you’re probably already billionaires.


    -Blu and Bia – Makes a Samba Jukebox that slows 3 random nearby racers, for 1 second.

    -Jewel – Rafael and Nico appear and carry the kart while Jewel flies with them. Lasts for 2 seconds.

    Nigel – Nigel throws cages that stuns birds. If lands on a pig, the duration is halved. Lasts for 1 second.

    Birtday Pig – Stops and distracts with a Birthday Whistle then resumes.

    Hambo – Destroys his kart, then speeds up. After he will regain his kart.

    Crash Test Piggy – Appears with a missile that zooms to 5th place and stops. If in 4th place, or after, speeds like Red.

    Rio de Janeiro – The repair takes place on a cargo plane and the racetracks are Carnaval, The Streets and Runway.

    Pig City – The racetrack is on Pig City.

    Free Mode – Tap to play freely! Create your custom kart, Choose your raetrack, and race with your old records!


    I’d like to see some Stella characters in the game.

    Perhaps an underwater track. the carts would obviously be submarines or something like that.

    IMO, I think that Stunt tracks are kinda like the pod races on SW Ep 1. Since it’s a desert-like atmosphere. perhaps a track on Naboo or the Death Star, even

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