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  • Passing TIC . Top Imposible Challenges.
    Experienced on Description of Characters Special Powers.
    Already trained to win Chasing Champions; and a minimum of done 200 Challenges.
    High experience on Driving free Karts Mode and Money paid Karts.

    While I was driving my karts of this game ABGO . This morning trying to overcome doing more challenges ; I start to thing about this idea already know on progress. My spirit plenty of one point on the front: How to join more and more drivers until we can be a Great Team : the members and numbers of this group Does not matter. The doctrine that we can star to build Matter on this game : to take our pace will take a while…! But we can start.!!!! When.!!! Know .

    While we wait for @les-toreadors on her Suplemental guide for birds and Pig Powers . Hope she is working on it. I am thinking these:

    . Hope you see this new topic and like it. Also y you reply soon with more and better ideas, points of view it will be very welcome.
    We wait for a – tactical powers on characters.
    – Documenting the Characters special powers.
    – Karts description on specific missions.

    Whe can cooperate with all our experiences on construction over these.
    ” Definitive character Guide on Birds and Pigs Special Powers for drivers on this forum of ABN “. .

    When I was closing champions chase on the last one: it was really difficult to close because of the fruits matters on Stunt Episode.
    I sow that some charracters have this : Multiple Usage on special powers ; like Bubles , Stella , Corporal Pig and Hal the tornado. So it was a very good experience to use this guys.
    So why not we can star more Analitical on special Powers on characters by especific mission you like it or you remember over getting challenges .
    Know : – Powers Match-Up . Character-Karts in Especific mission.
    I give you an Example : when I was finishing the game on 54/54 aquievements my last mission was made with Hal The Tornado guy : on fruits hard to control his tornado but very effective or Stella on passing over the water : yes on stunt and splating fruits ger multiple usage was so effective to.
    Even that I feel stuck with 242 challenges And 32 mission to pass being all these 32 the # 3 to pass next challenge . I am asking you all of you drivers your experiences with Especific Match-up on kart and character to Quest next and next challenge spespecialy the HToP hard To pass ; or TIC Top Imposible Challenges

    Here it’s a couple of mission that you can help to be done .
    – fruits :closely miss 40 fruits
    – avoid the first 5 obstacles .
    These are only like reference…!!! Which ones are yours
    COME ON BE AGRECIVE AND COOPERATE. Wainting for your proptly response.

    Hello:@wazemank; @platium, @tolousn, and @kamenev-spbgma .i really hope you guys can see this new topic. And would you like to talk about at least over one of you best or hard challenge that you have been done ; even if all of you can be describe by the main ideas above it will be much better. Will appreciate all your hard driving on these new endeavor . The pace just beginning . Please accept to cooperate on this trend.

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  • Les Toreadors

    I actually like this idea of collaborating openly within the ABN community.

    There is of course the need for clear direction on what you want to achieve – ABGO is a very ‘hands on’ activity best experienced from the player’s viewpoint, and it can be daunting to try and document everything at once.

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