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    Here are my bots that are at L15 and here’s what the bump is in power if going to L16. I’ve not done this yet but I can see this info needing a spreadhseet…or at least a really cool graphic by @jasebree

    Bludgeon +22%
    Ultra Magnus +41%
    GS Grimlock +4%
    E. Starscream +59%
    E. Grimlock +2%
    Ultimate OP +35%
    GB Grimlock +1%
    Dark Megatron +23%
    Airachnid +57%
    Ratchet +2%
    Nemesis Prime +48%
    Acid Storm +54%
    Epic OP +16%
    Rodimus +7%
    Ricochet +38%
    Dead End +8%
    Smokescreen +8%
    Chromia +73%

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  • datguygamer

    How many of these bots have full accessories?


    A few more for your list:

    Soundwave: +184%
    Soundblaster: +35%
    Optimus Prime: +61%
    Bumblebee: +119%
    Heatwave: +49%


    I see they tailor this depending on your game.

    my son has lower level characters and it gives you the ability to get the upgrades still but to the next level and at a much lower cost too.

    does overpower just increase the tf abilities or does it increase bonuses as well for events?


    Doesn’t appear that accessories make any difference in the bump. My Bludgeon is sporting the Wooly Hat, Reflector, Shield and Sentinel for a combined +10% defense, +10% explosive force and +21% damage. Removing these accessories still shows +22% if going to L16.


    Has anyone figured out what this Overpower thing actually does?

    Does it affect the Special Event bonus? Or does it affect the TF’s ability statistics (i.e. firepower, defense and transform time)? Or both?

    Jay Kew

    As per a previous post from @partshade

    /FASTER! STRONGER! Raise your character’s battle strength with new OVERPOWER levels!

    I’m pretty sure that means additional ability statistics and nothing to do with Event Bonus / Spark percentages.

    This might actually ‘balance’ up some of the less useful bots to become more equivalent in effectiveness to the more popular ones.


    Well it’s bloody f^cking stupid to “rebalance” the game like this after two-and-a-half years. They’re basically screwing over everyone who’s adapted to playing the game the way it was designed.


    We always knew Rovio would up the max level, just never dreamed it would be like this. Wonder how many overpower levels there are?


    @ph Someone said back on other threads that there are a total of 10 Overpower levels. So 15 +10 = 25 MAX.

    Still don’t know what that percentage does after upgrading. Any help @wrw01?


    It seems they have “balanced” something recently. I was using Ultimate Megatron in my recent runs, and it was very efficient against the WMTs. Now, I cant kill them fast enough. They nerfed his firing rate.

    And I think that something with the targeting system has also changed. It’s kind of weird now, and sometimes, it stop targeting the WMT before it is destroyed.

    I didn’t test other TF’s, but the nerfing keeps going on. Just another…


    I have deleted the game, sorry for no help, dicarded all my notes. It is all going to come clear in the next few weeks as to what this new update will pertain to in the special events. I am over and out of ABT and looking for something else to play, maybe go back to the levels in ABO or Seasons.


    @wrw01 Okay then. Enjoy whatever game you will keep playing next.


    Hey i just had a look at blaster’s overpower and L16 is showing +180% are everybody’s showing this amount or is it a cock up??????


    @paul13 All bots have different percentages. No one knows yet what this does but my regular Optimus Prime is now max overpower at level 25 and his percentage is 218%. Costs 18000 tokens for that. (Don’t do it, it’s pointless and is designed to suck out your money and gems.)


    @datguygamer Did you spend 18,000 tokens for 15 > 25 or just for 24 > 25? My game shows 8,000 tokens for 15 > 16


    No way will I be overpowering any of them, I just posted that as it seems so high at 180%


    @paul13 Funny thing is, even after max overpower, I can’t seem to find any changes at all, even in event scores. So what are these for?


    @swing @elapapam @asen @optimuspig @paul13 @paul13

    Hahaha, I wish. 18K is just for 24 -> 25 and cost stays same for all characters. Here are the actual prices:

    8k – 15 to 16
    9K – 16 to 17
    10K – 17 to 18
    11K – 18 to 19
    12K – 19 to 20
    13.5K – 20 to 21
    15K – 21 to 22
    16.5K – 22 to 23
    18K – 23 to 24
    18K – 24 to 25

    Do the math and you’ll see that no one can do this without spending gems. This is a scam. Don’t waste your gems. I just tried this since I had gems from a gem glitch from past.


    I asked the admin of ABTF fb page about Overpowering TFs.
    Here’s his reply.

    Overpowering your transformer breaks them through to lv16 – and in some cases can radically change their health and damage.


    @barbatos What the hell? “Some cases”? Why not all cases? I currently have a max overpower regular Optimus Prime and he is doing jackall.

    Drover’s Dog

    @datguygamer remember it is a family forum and put a symbol ( * or @ etc in jack$417) so the littlies don’t see any rude words


    @datguygamer Thanks. The greed has driven them mad. If you want to overpower all your transformers (46) to level 25 you only need a little over SIX MILLION tokens or THREE MILLION gems which will cost you almost $28,000 (using the “ultra deal”). You can also do it the cheap way, you only need to play 460 events and spend gems if you don’t reach your target tokens, this will only take you about NINE YEARS. I think this is my cue to quit this game.


    @swing I doubt anyone will ever be max for all bots or even attempt it. That’s an impossible task. I have better luck at jumping to the moon from the roof of my house than perform this feat.


    @datguygamer That’s why I’m still hesitant about these Overpowering TFs thing. We need a FAQ about Overpowering same with Spark Run.

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