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  • Joel

    I figured something out on my iOs drvice (without the update) If I do a regular run first, then do an event run, I have no problems. If I just go to an event run first, it crashes every time. Those of you who are crashing, try this.



    I’m on android, and my score is different. I jumped from 30k – 150 tokens to 60k – 200 tokens. There is no way I’m reaching this score. I have 6 hours left, and I have to score the double I scored until now to reach the next threshold. JARSU.



    Mine goes from 32k to 240k for 750 tokens, this is not going to happen! Lol



    Mine too!


    Geeeeezzzzzz 60,000 for 200 tokens they are having a laugh at us as there is no way you can get 60,000 from the runs the way the game is at present.
    Here is why 3 devices an event run of 4 = 12 chances to collect tokens but not got a chance in hell when you end up with 12 crashes.
    As i said in my other post I’ve removed everything from my device with 6GB of RAM and it only has the bare bones needed to work. At normal mode I’m using 1% of RAM load the game up and it goes to 48% used when i crash it’s at 92% of RAM used unreal it really is.
    Spark runs have reverted back to form so yet again i don’t bother doing them just for them to crash on me.

    Slops 20

    19k to 180k for 500 tokens on iOS


    Mine goes from 32k to 240k for 750 tokens and I’m on iOS based in the U.K.



    I got the same thing 16k to 180k for 500 tokens on IOS. I guess i will not be getting any more tokens. This game is getting to be a joke really quick. It seems Rovio only wants you to play if you are going to spend $$.


    I got the same thing but it’s stuck for getting 500 reward though I should have gotten it. Nice patch.


    This is just bizarre. 19k to 180k? 30k to 240k? Craziness. Jarsu forever.

    I guess I will stop updating maximum token levels


    I have had several runs crash during the run and before I got started. All counted.
    Have also had the scenery just stop and you have to close it out. Also counted.
    I think Rovio definitely owes us some gems.


    Well whoever is in charge of making these score thresholds officially fell asleep on the keyboard. No way is any of these scores possible without a lot of gems recharges. What happened to this game? Is wasn’t perfect but it was good. Now it’s just a mess.


    I am wondering if I am getting better threshholds because I bought the tokens for Blaster. Maybe they are purposely making it easier on those of us who were willing to throw in some money?


    Must agree, total mess.

    lost track of how many runs the game crashed on and lost tokens because of it.

    currently sitting on 760 tokens for the day and just playing now to keep my place on the leader board. another event ill not be spending any gems on with the scoring the way it is


    Keep up good work Rovio! Now this is making me laughing really. I had 8 crashes on 15 runs and they demand 240000 points for 750 tokens? Hahahhahhaaah. Keep it going :)


    It seem like it is the fate of most good games. the designers get greedy and feel they got to keep making changes, adding stuff, and one live event after another. They refuse to let people just play the game. Look at how many new characters they they have added in a short time, then added sparks, the spark run, the overpower, the new blocks, and they are now coming out with a new grimlock soon. These events are getting tiresome, just as soon as the token exchange closes the next event goes live. They keep upping the tokens required to get stuff and make it harder to get those tokens. I understand they are just not going to give you everything but this just seems like they are desperate for $$.


    the basics of the game are good and I enjoy playing it but the events and the amount of tfs coming out make it hard to have a break.

    need sparks and promote otherwise you don’t stand a chance and now the amount of points you need to get tokens is getting stupid. 32K to 240K will never happen unless I have both tfs getting the 3 x bonus (630%) at the moment im getting 180% bonus and with the event nodes crashing more than not its impossible even if you used gems or had the 630% bonus.

    being bank holiday Friday and Monday the event is going to be nearly over well before they even think about fixing the problems or even realise the issues.

    every event and game update seems to bring more game issues and bugs, its getting to a point where the game is riddled with issues and problems that Rovio keep ignoring and just do another event and tf to get more money out of everyone.

    they then give out free tokens\gems etc thinking its going to please people and keep them playing till another JARSU comes up. look how often they have had to give free tokens and gems out recently.

    rant over! lol





    Bloody heck, another mid-run crash. I’m averaging about 1 crash for every 4 attempts.

    Rovio better cough up some more free tokens.


    Crashing more than half the time for me. Took three tries just to get through the first run. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to even make 10th place today.

    Luis C.

    @angela-hershey CTD = Crash To Desktop… Windows speak for the app hanging, crashing and showing you your desktop(main screen on your iDevice) instead of the video/audio freezing.


    Hard Update available for Android, still sucks, crashes. New forum thread for it also.

    Drover’s Dog

    Woke up this morning to a new hard update. Took the plunge. Opened event and tokens went from 500 to 755 but score remained same at 13,829, with next token level to bring 100 tokens, when I went to bed it was 150 tokens!!!
    I normally rotate runs between map nodes and event runs when doing the daily quests, all map nodes went fine but event crashed to desktop during 3rd run. I am using UM so the 4th & 5th runs of the day, I just fired selectively with breaks between shots of 2 seconds or longer and also paused came a couple of times and got through to the end, so will rely on that strategy from now on. Of course I hard close game before any event run.


    I got a response from Rovio and they pushed an update. I’m downloading it noe and we will see if that works. :-)

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