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  • Game is constantly crashing when watching a video. Either I lose the round, I get set back in the streak and even lose prizes from the chest. Tell that to your advertisers, Rovio. No more videos, ever.

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  • Henry

    I know exactly what you mean, this has been happening to me for the past 3 months.  I have contact Rovio 3 or 4 times with no reply.  It’s extremely frustrating, and I basically have just lowered my expectations anytime there’s a video option.



    Same kind of thing happened for me, I lost out on BPs and gems after finishing 4th in the diamond league during the BP frenzy as the game crashed after I collected them and they didn’t register. It’s been really buggy after the latest update a few weeks ago.


    Do you try to contact them via the app? Or by email? If the former they tend to reply to messages about bugs pretty well. I understand that if you just email them then you are unlikely to get a reply.


    NAS, I have been here since Bankler was here and actually cared about the game, then Hank took over and sort of gave it passing attention. As I said, no more videos. They can explain it to the advertisers.

    Joe B.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello @Captsternn, from someone who has followed the game from its early days, would u say the decline in Rovio’s participation here with forum customer base is consistent with the rise in greedier programming /gameplay (10,000 BP hats)? Or has it always been…🤑 Haven’t seen Hank around in quite some time.</p>
    The’ve even forced the videos after some map levels beginning the vid without the courtesy of our option. Getting out of hand. Still enjoy the game tho.



    I still play, Joe, and have fun with it. These days it is more about the clan and the friends I have made. I am with a really good group of people and enjoy the team. But yes, Rovio has really fallen off. Just trying to find ways to work around it.


    Maybe this thread is why the videos are disappearing. I have never had a crash ever for anything on my 6 years on iPads. Sometimes a game might not start but it is my fault when the storage is full. A couple hours to delete  lousy and dated pics and all works again.


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum No more videos

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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