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  • Bill

    Accept my friend request, and I will show you how it is done in a PM.


    My experience: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! A waste of time and money. I spent a reasonable amount of time and money on PUs and made it to the Gold level. My placement the following week dropped me back down to Bronze. So I tripled both my time and money and made it back to Gold. This past week I placed 16th in the Gold League and moved up zero, zilch, nada. I know “lower placements” get penalized but where does that kick in? I placed in the upper 50%!!

    Now I’m just going to play to get 3 stars and that’s it. No more League or $$ from me. Not a good business model AB: you have to reward the rats enough to keep them coming back.


    Why weren’t my comments posted? Because I said no more to the league play? Too much time and money, not enough reward?


    @kimberlini Your post was caught by the system and required moderator approval. It had nothing to do with anything you said. Sorry about that. It’s posted now :)


    @stosh – I’m not sure why you’re yelling. I have a clear understanding of what the arrows represent. What I said I don’t understand is how league points are awarded and/or taken away based on performance. How did the game determine that NO players were getting demoted the previous week and the next week five would advance and three would be demoted before anyone ever played a point? The bottom three players have changed through the week but always – bottom three positions show demotion. If it were specific to the Player, then if one in last place shot up to first they would not still be demoted. Using me as an example, this week I currently have 548 league points in my Gold league and am in fifth place out of the 40 people with me. That means I will earn 200 coins from the league placement and an additional 200 coins for being first among my friends. Only the person in the number 1 league spot is advancing tonight (the only green arrow.) So – if I need only 52 league points to reach the 600 required for advancenent to Diamond, coming in fifth place clearly does not award 52 league points. How many does it award? THIS is the information missing that would be helpful. Right now it seems so random. There should be a list: if you come in first you get X number of points, Second place gets Y, etc. And at what point do league points get taken away do that a player gets demoted? Why would a player EARN coins but LOSE league points? Is it anyone below 10th place? 20th? 30th? I’ll be able to make an estimate tonight now that I have all the parameters to plug in once I see how my league points change tomorrow but geesh, it should be easier than this. Though with all the obvious cheating in Diamond maybe I should hope to ride out the middle in Gold.


    Check this out from Rovio’s site. Not 100% but sheds some light on the points…
    Here’s a (poorly formatted) list of some of the points. They’re league specific (e.g. 5th place in Gold is different than 5th in Wood).

    Rank Glass Wood Stone Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
    1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
    3 100 100 100 75 50 40 25
    5 100 100 100 40 30 20 5
    10 100 100 50 15 15 10 0
    20 100 10 10 5 5 0 0
    30 10 10 10 0 -10 -20 -18
    40 10 10 10 -20 -40 -60 -100


    Thanks for the response Kelani. I saw the “waiting for moderation” notation that was up for quite a while, then my post disappeared which is why I thought it had been rejected.


    @maiasatara I was not yelling. The arrows that you see only pertain to you based upon your League Rating coming into this weeks Tournament. I am in Silver League. Last week I entered the Tournament with a 404 League Rating. I had a green arrow on #1 and red arrows from #s 29 thru 40. I finished in 24th. This week I entered the Silver League Tournament with a 409(+5) League Rating. Again I have a green arrow on the #1, but the red arrows are from #s 30 thru 40. Those arrows are only for me based upon MY League Rating. If you keep track of your League Rating, your weeks finish and the position of the green and red arrows on a weekly basis you may get a better understanding of how you are doing against the game and others. I do not fully understand The Tournament and Scoring but by keeping track of my weekly results I believe that I can get a better understanding of how it works. I am truly surprised that I have been able to get to the Silver League without using Power-Ups. Good Luck. Fling hard and often.

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