New Event: Thrust – Happy Thanksgiving!

  • A new event has started! The top prize is Thrust.

    This event uses – totally surprisingly and unexpectedly – two TFs and an energonicon.

    Special feature(s) – Thanksgiving theme including extra gold blocks, only TFs unlocked from events and Prime passes can be chosen for event runs

    The event banner for Thrust

    The bonus squad is Coneheads (7), consisting of Dirge (1 / SR Killer), Thrust (47) and Ramjet (60).

    All these TFs and also Cyclonus (36) (from the VIP squad) are in the token exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS. The number (in parentheses) after the TF and squad names are their (respective) Spark Run ranking.

    Previous event in which Coneheads was the bonus squad.

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  • deindiaan

    2 bot✅, extra coins✅, enercon✅, 1620% promo✅ great event🙂👌


    Day 1- All Piggies
    Day 2- Cyberformed scenery
    Day 3- Gold blocks
    Day 4- Ice blocks
    Day 5- Flying Turkey Piggies
    Day 6- Walking Mortar Towers


    Primary mission accomplished!

    Would have been nice to unlock Cyclonus but don’t think I’ll make it.
    Overpowered Dirge first since I use him every day.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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