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  • A new event has started! The main prize is Classic Bumblebee.

    This event uses two TFs and no energonicon. TNT boxes seem to be the implosive ones.

    The event banner for Save The Bee!

    The bonus squad is Rescue Bots, consisting of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Heatwave and Ratchet.

    All these TFs and Classic Bumblebee are also in the token exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

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  • BarbieB

    Of course, the one squad that I haven’t bothered to update past level 8, because… why?

    I guess that I can always rotate them out and get at least one bot updated to level 10. That should help a bit. Between OP, Bumble Bee, and Heatwave, which one would you upgrade? I don’t have Ratchet.



    I’d say upgrade op, the other 2 are crap. Actually only ratchet is OK in this squad.


    Haven’t got any high promoted bots in this squad as well, but with few sparks 1000% is doing fine so far. Aiming for overpower classic bumblebee and maybe the crates if I do well.


    @barbieb, you rightfully haven’t upgraded them because these bots are all terrible.   Of the three you mentioned,  I think OP is probably best,  at least mine is decent at lvl 18 and heavily accessorized.  I don’t know about levels 8-10.  Heatwave has a powerful weapon but it only shoots like every 5 minutes and he’s incredibly slow;  bumblebee is so weak he can’t destroy anything.


    hey! the event just isnt showing up for me? no bit on the side to tap.



    oh duh, sorry. I should have thought of that, thanks!


    I’m using Ratchet. I have him at red crown (+700%). The other TFs in this squad are bleh…


    @deindiaan @fortressmaximus

    Coolio and thanks for the feedback. Good luck this week!


    < Le Sigh>

    I’m not able to play the new challenge. My app hasn’t updated and it’s not allowing me to do a manual update. I even uninstalled/reinstalled the app, but it won’t update. I’m stuck at 2.3XXXX

    Bummed :-(


    Prime with the explosive rounds is my favorite TF to play, properly upgraded he is capable and a straight shooter


    This event doesn’t appear on my device and yea I’m updated…pffft…frustrating that no Rovio employeee cares enough to answer in a timely manner…


    I’m getting 750-gem offers for Ironhide and Beachcomber (I already have all the characters offered in the token exchange). Are either of them any good?


    I have a level 17 green crown Optimus Prime with;

    12% transform

    Explosive rounds +10% effect damage

    40% defense

    20% fire rate

    110% damage

    I like him and it’s great when there are 2 bots in the event to even out his deficiencies.


    @rizdub Ironhide is good – probably the best in his squad (Pure Warriors). If you are willing to spend 750 gems go for Ironhide.


    @ethan2011 Optimus Prime is quite decent – and I have Optimus Prime with similar specs – but I still prefer Ratchet.


    In a battle for 1st place with @millforce2k WMT Day.  Good Luck sir!


    The targets on the last day of this event are Glass Blocks.
    Up till now they’re barely present.


    Hey @geli, are you JUSTADRC? I won’t putting up any battle since I’m not looking to overpower. I’d need 18K to get Ratchet to L24, so I’m not spending any gems. I’ve already got enough for 10+1 gold crates and just playing for coins.


    @millforce2k.  Yes, JUSTADRC is my game handle now.   I had to abandon the Geli name when my device died a traumatic death by being run over by a car and did not have it backed up.

    I’m hoping to OP both Bumblebee and Heatwave to Lvl 16.  I was hoping to get the max tokens for the day; I was not playing much as I Had to do some hurricane cleanup here.  I thought you were going for the 200k level also; then ABTOBOMABLE got into the mix.  A Unicron run gave me 43k, which enabled me to try for the 200k. Made it and had a couple runs left to shoot for first place.

    enjoyed playing with you.  We have been in the same cohort a few times over the past 2 weeks.  The last event you, I and @20qmindreader were together.  IIRC, you took first!


    @geli Hope you didn’t suffer too much damage.

    I notice @20qmindreader frequently and now know to look for you. Yea, it’s fun playing with people from the board.

    I wasn’t necessarily going for 200K, but figured I get there with a Unicron run. I’d been seeing it within my last four runs of the day.

    What time did you start WMT day? I typically start about 5:20 AM, but started today at about 6:20. I’ve noticed that if I start between 5 and 5:15, I’m in the mid teens in placement after my first run indicating that I got on the board with players that started in the 4 o’clock hour.


    @millforce2k forget about 10+1 gold crates formula. Now they unlimited. So instead of coins, better open few more gold crates, as I already did.


    I tested: no extra points for Nightbird or Slipstream as they use ice (glass) blocks as ammunition (unless maybe when they hit ice/glass).


    @millforce2k and @geli hey ho! Hello fellas. I tend to start early in the morning in the Eastern time zone, today, I started a bit later than usual. I did pass the 200k mark that day with no recharge. My Ratchet is fully promoted and I think level 19? Ratchet sits back until missile day or Boss Pig, he’s great against missiles and can take WMT lava ball hits, etc.

    Good luck!


    @papakarlo With Slipstream and Nightbird it seems that you have to hit. If you shoot empty places those ammo–ice/glass blocks don’t score whereas Dirge’s ammo–TNT every TNT scored – and the ammo splitted. TNT blocks score 15 points but ice only 5 points.

    This should be considered as a bug because one can score higher points with non–event squad TFs than event squad TFs.

    BTW, Captain Starscream shoots stone blocks.

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