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  • Time for another new event.
    It has one bot and no energonicons.
    The bonus squad is Energon Fueled, consisting of Energon Soundwave, Energon Optimus Prime, Energon Galvatron and Energon Grimlock..
    These bots together with Energon Nautica are in the exchange with accessories.
    Good luck and have fun.

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  • Raizir

    So wait, todays target is TNT blocks, but they’ve included a TNT block that damages you quite a bit…


    What kind of logic is that?

    Oh yes. let me just not destroy this specific TNT block and miss out on an additional 15 points.


    What TNT block color that damage?


    Looks like ALL of the TNT blocks are here.

    I’ve seen the EMP, the Healing, the Poison, the Void, the Boost…




    Do any of the TNT variants here actually count as the daily target?  I’m not noticing that any of them give extra points.


    @fortressmaximus As far as I can see all variants belong to the daily target.
    Maybe the problem is that you only get 15 points per TNT block as compared to e.g. 75 points when WMT’s are the target. In combination with the low number of TNT blocks in a run as compared to e.g. grey blocks as target there won’t be a large number of extra points available.


    The purple elite pigs cause too much kamikaze damage and EGL can’t kill them before they hit you.


    @optimuspig, interesting; I have not seen any elite pigs in this event, or any pigs that are hard to kill.  I did see boss pig today for the first time in maybe 2 weeks.


    I’ve seen bos pig a lot in the last few weeks.. Today 3 times. No elite pigs so far… Don’t miss them though. I was lucky on the spire, so my goal of hitting 15k tokens this event is already accomplished :)

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Event – “Operation…”

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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