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  • A new event has started! The top prize is Acid Storm.

    This event uses two TFs and an energonicon.

    Special feature(s) – only (some of the) Minion pigs can be selected for event runs, runs in fast–forward mode

    (Part of) The event banner for Energon Starscream

    The bonus squad is The Seekers (10), consisting of Energon Starscream (9 / SR Killer), Thundercracker (39), Starscream (85) and Skywarp (133).

    To be continued…

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  • GrimLockdown

    All these TFs and Acid Storm (119) from The Cybertronians are in the token exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS. The numbers (in parenthesis) after TF and squad names are their respective rankings in Spark Run.

    Previous event in which The Seekers was the bonus squad.


    I have Shockwave for the Cybertronian event which is probably quite soon. Who would be good to grab this week to help out out of Sunstorm and Avid Storm. Confident I’ll get the 7.5k using Energon Starscream – though I’d originally planned to overpower him, but now thinking a second Cybertronian probably more useful.


    Day 1- TNT boxes
    Day 2- Ice blocks
    Day 3- Walking Mortar Towers
    Day 4- Flying Piggies
    Day 5- Gunner Piggies
    Day 6- Balloon Piggies


    I love my %1420 promotion.


    This week is going well – managed to get first place twice so far (1400% bonus) so will probably get enough to over power Energon Screamer once or twice or use one of those to grab acids from  to run with/instead of Shockwave during the Cybertronian  event.  Is Acidstorm better than shockwave do you reckon?


    Well everyone in my lb stops trying after I get to 100k diff. I think I will overpower E. Starscream to L18 and that’s it. He is the best for me in SR.


    Yeah, 12 hours into the challenge and someone is double what I’m at even though I’ve managed to do about 18 runs. either they’ve spent loads of crystals or have found a glitch etc. they do have a higher promotion so that would count for some.


    @grayhamster None of the Cybertronians are very good. Trypticon is arguably the best but Acid Storm is a very close second (and in certain situations is better). Sunstorm stinks and Shockwave is one of the worst characters in the game.




    They has better give us more Gunner Pigs today than the puny amount of Flying Pigs they gave us yesterday.


    Following @Galaxes advice and overpowering E-Screamer has been great. Also making spark runs super fast. Cheers

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