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  • Another new event is here.
    It uses one bot and an energonicon.

    autobirds roll out.jpg

    The bonus squad is Wreckers, consisting of Wheeljack, Ulta Magnus, Rodimus and Moonracer

    And surprise, surprise, all autobirds are in the exchange now.

    Good luck and have fun.

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  • cuxdavide

    this week i go with wheeljack, seems to be the most powerful of the squad


    I’m using moonracer, she’s great destroying all blocks. Wmt also no problem, only missiles she doesn’t hit easy. Would have liked it to be a 2 bot event, hard to get big amount of tokens like this for overpowers.






    JARSU – programmer forgot to put the sharktihogs into the beach runs for Sharktihog day.


    Erm has the token exchange just completely broken for anyone else? I just finished the last day of the challenge and went to cash in my 7,800ish tokens and it won’t open. The clock is counting down to next event in two hours and something. What the heck! I was going to finally get Hound.


    Yup, same problem here.  Locked out and 2 hrs + for next event



    No worries, all that means is that you have that amount of time until Token Exchange will open up. Not for new event.

    I had that message last night, and all it meant for me was that I had to wait until 10 PM for the Tuesday/Wednesday event. Once 10 PM (local) hit, I was able to go on as normal.

    So once the timer for you has ticked all the way down, you should get the Token Exchange.


    Thanks @vabeachguy you were right. How strange though.


    I didn’t update the app till this morning so I missed that bug. What Timezones are you guys in?


    gmt+1 here (+2 in summer)

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Event – Autobirds Roll Out

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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