Matilda's class Druid is broken!

  • Hello guys,
    Unfortunately the healing ability of the druid is bugged.. This happens both at the Arena battle and normal battles in the Piggy Island.
    I.e. my bird heals like 820 one bird and around 340-350 the others.
    Well, now it heals everyone the same amount with the smaller value, so just 340-350 everyone.
    Have you experienced this?
    If yes, what should be done?

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    Yes, this has been noted. Not sure if it’s a bug or a nerf (description still says heals target 2.2x and all others x), but Druid now plays as all heal x.
    What should be done? Contact Rovio and ask if it’s a bug or nerf, I guess…


    Man I experienced it. Now Rainbird heals better than Druid.


    It’s just so weak. I have gained all 3 stars on each level thanks for Druid’s support, now it was just lame and I rather bring Rainbird instead of this if Rovio doesn’t fix this nerf, or whatever the hell is this. I’m so angry >:(

    Angry Johnny

    Has anyone reported this to Rovio support yet?

    Angry Johnny

    Obviously, this is not how the ability is supposed to work – the target bird should receive more healing than the other two.

    We are currently working on a fix to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

    That answers that, Rovio just messed up and did not intend to nerf Druid :-)

    Thanks @circlerev


    Did you also notice that Chuck Illusionist’s animation is broken


    @angryjohnny Thanks for posting Rovio’s reply, mate.


    (Sigh) Let’s wait until the next update!

    (EDIT) Wait a second, Druid will be no longer the healer’s most useful class anymore even if it’s healing is fixed. Priest’s healing from each hit was increased from 5% to 10%! Wow…
    Also, the passive abilities of Knights and Ninjas won’t ignore all of the damage anymore. When a hit is ignored, 50% of the damage is still dealt to the pig, and the effect of the attack still works. Phew~


    @kenhsieh At Knight Pigs too! Now If you hit knight pig with small attacks, the knight will suffer 50% of the dealt damage (cool):)))))


    It appears that for me (maybe everyone?) that Druid is now doing a one time healing of everyone equal to Bard’s initial healing. Which yeah, makes it fairly useless right now.


    It is not correct! Rovio should fix this bug, cause now is very useless. That advantages Chuck’s Rainbird class.


    I don’t use Driud now days,so I don’t care about this bug. I always use Bard or Priest.


    @abcdefg Princess should be a great idea too. I don’t use Druid too.


    I use princess for enemies with high health,and do a lot of dammage to the one target(like Posideon Pig/Cave 6 boss).


    I’m mainly using Princess/Bard for battles, but Druid was best fast healer, it’s need to be fixed asap.

    Wow, I even haven’t noticed lowering passive effects and upgrading Priest. That’s making game much easier!


    @mp127 Did you also see Poseidon is now weaker?


    @donewithpigs Thanks, I’ll take a look on him.

    I’m now testing a combo for the event: Samurai/Spies, Wizard with Mana, Priest. 10% healing is really good with them.


    My combo will be Paladin + Bard + Sea Dog.


    Between Mana and Enchanted banners & equipment and now this, is there any reason to play Venomous anymore? At all?

    Loginska Troika

    Same here. Also ninjas and other pigs still take any kind of damage, i mean,there’s a bunch of issues not just the druid hat :/


    Pekka Today at 02:09

    Hello there,

    and thanks for contacting us!

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with Epic. Indeed, there is a bug in the current version due to which Druid heals all birds by the same amount. Fortunately, the developers know what has caused this and the problem should be fixed in the next version 1.3.4. The update will be released in the very near future.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate that you reported this to us!

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team


    Alright, thanks guys.
    So it’s a bug that everybody has experienced.. At first I thought it was just fault of my device.
    Then, basically what Rovio said means that we have to wait until January for them to fix the Druid class, am I right?
    If so, my strategy with the Blessed Set at the arena is no use right now haha.

    Angry Johnny

    Yes, Rovio have said the next release will be out early January.


    Right, thanks Johnny

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