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  • Sadly the focus of ABF has changed from the player who has the best strategy and execution thereof to the person who gets the luckiest mobile glitch with Matilda dropping a bomb at certain spots and timing. Since the introduction of V2.1.3 of Angry Birds Friends we saw some unbelievable legit scores on Mobile devices. Many times the scores were allowed here at the nest and at times they were not allowed. They were hot topics though and still are.

    It is impossible to draw a line between a glitched score and a normal score lately. Rovio was asked numerous times to fix it, but they claim it is a BlueStacks only issue which it is not. One of my friends already got a glitched score on L6 this week on his phone.

    I opened L1 this week, saw all the Matildas and closed it again. It was great to win the Star Wars as well as the ABF 2015 overall total leaderboard, but I have decided not to play this week or another week if the glitches are not fixed. The game has lost its strategy and fun that it had for many years.

    I made some great friends through the game in the many years that I played. Thank you for that.

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  • Marvin

    Well said. :-(


    Not too far from the truth! No wait….. actually SPOT ON!
    It was nice being your friend too CampingLED! Cheers mate

    Caw Caw

    A sad but true state of affairs right now with the game :(
    Well said @campingled


    @campingled Great you were the star wars champ and 2015 ABF champ…throughout 2015 you gave me competitive motivation to try and catch you in your ABF play and hence made me a much better player…hope you will be back soon!


    Thank you @dcp77. You are one of my new FB friends and I am glad that we met through the game. I truly love the game and could not stop playing since I saw my one son playing it many years ago. We had great times challenging each other. I found myself playing with difficulty lately just to enter scores here and decided that it is just not worth it anymore. The true aim of the game is lost. Now we need to decide if we must save or ditch a score when we hit a glitch. That is not the way it should be played.


    @campingled yeah this glitch thing is kind of a nightmare…as I mentioned earlier today in our FB group, I think ROVIO is catering to the masses as a glitch score gives the average player a lottery-like feeling when he or she gets a high score via glitch and these glitches are sometimes so huge that they can actually overtake/beat some of the best players in the world’s total for 3-5 levels of hard thought out strategies and this is where the stress is resulting from. For now, I kinda am going with the flow and saving every score on a level and waiting to see what scores are entered/allowed…as you mentioned earlier it can be hard to discern what is a glitch and what is not unless it is a huge obvious glitch so thus saving a variety of scores for a given level helps cover you though it is more tedious. Your such a great player that in the end it should hopefully average out even with glitches.

    Take care,



    Well said @campingled. I’ve even seen 80k points “bonuses” from the Matilda egg explosions. Points that normally one can’t possibly get from the destroyed blocks. Yeah, it’s not a BlueStack problem. You get the same glitch on Android and iOS. I even sent to Rovio a screenshot of an unreal score on my phone. Still they insist it’s BlueStacks. They’re hiding their heads in the sand.


    Here is an example of a glitch on a PHONE by a FB friend of mine. He has many more glitch videos on PHONE at his Youtube channel. Android phones support a Bluetooth mouse and some mobile devices support a USB mouse via adapter. That is why we see a mouse cursor in this video. Look at the massive score from the Matilda bomb drop after Terrence.


    Honestly I think Rovio doesn’t care about us true Angry Bird players. AB2 was a good game until they introduced the Arena. If Rovio thinks that I’m going to spend money on gems or the like…fat chance. I uninstall the game (will join the two Rovio games that I already have in the grave yard…Angry Birds, Go and Bad Piggies).


    So we see a forced mobile game update and try again, but the glitch is not fixed yet. Instead they give us the use of all power ups per level. We get great great scores and strategies then they change it back to normal the next day. Now the scores cannot be achieved anymore and most people stopped playing. Why not change back the next week only?


    Good news! The new 2.5.0 update which is out now fixes this issue. Thanks for sticking around.


    Thank you @wingmanjuan Now you must just force the update to all mobile devices and bring back Matilda for us to test it. There used to be a small Bomb Bird glitch as well. Seems like it is/was related to explosions.


    @wingmanjuan Great improvements! Thank you.


    @wingmanjuan thanks for the update! Looking forward to testing out Matilda with it! Hopefully this means legit players will no longer have to worry about being bumped into the “cheaters leagues”, and we can actually trust the legitimacy of the scores of our opponents.


    Thanks @wingmanjuan Matilda is back and no reported glitches by friends. About being bumped into cheaters leagues @scottrogoff that is the next challenge. Playing legit against cheaters 90% of the time.

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