Matilda "glitch"

  • Exactly what is this Matilda glitch I keep reading about?
    Also I read “other glitches”.
    So…what am I missing? I use a iPad mini…don’t notice any problems!

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  • kingbird

    I’m lagging. Any other glitches you can inform me of? I’m a glitch myself, so I beg for glitch info. Been in a glitch ditch for months. Thnx

    John Gawe

    There are a lots of “glitches” if you were using Bluestack. Sometimes the counter keeps on counting till ubelievabel scores.


    I believe this refers to the frustrations some players have (myself included) when Matilda at times does not seem to release her egg at the precise moment of intended release. This can often occur when a player requires an egg release quite close to foundation/debris contact.

    Marty Michael

    I’m finding on iPad app game runs very smooth. On Facebook all kinds of weird shit happens. Almost like a different game alltogether.
    I guess technically it is.

    Makin Bakin

    @mmc1951 The “Matilda glitch” is usually obtained by players using BlueStacks on their PC. BlueStacks is an Android (mobile) emulator that turns your PC into an Android-compatible (mobile) device. Rovio is aware of the glitch, and they insist it is not their problem in programming, but a glitch in BlueStacks. Unfortunately there is little that Rovio or the Nest can do about it. Yes, it is unfair.

    Marty Michael

    @Makin Bakin
    Since posting question, I have seen vids of glitches at FB.
    Seems like it’s ok if you don’t have to prove your score.
    That’s one I Don’t have to worry about.LOL
    I now pray for glitches but so far, no luck.
    One time about 3 yrs ago on one level on first fling it self destructed. I won Rovio league that week. Now I know why.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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