Maintaining a hatchling

  • This chart details where we can find apples each day and how many are needed to feed each level.

    The first three rows are in bold as they are considered to be “guaranteed”.

    But, we must open the game several times a day to collect enough from common chests and its rare to actually win all those in TOF, so I rely only on the ones in the map. “Farming” them on level 5 has other advantages as I do not play the map levels anymore. I also do not bother with DC/KPP anymore and just start and quit DC to get the gems from daily quests.

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  • grammyK

    Many players feed the hatchling every second day. Others prefer to get the daily feathers. It is a good idea to build up a stock of apples before starting one.

    Apples can be purchased directly through the Food Shop (+ sign on apples quantity in hatchling screen) if one is inclined to spend money this way.

    There used to be apples in the daily deals for gems, but if a person knew math, even buying the gem letter (the cheapest deal available) those apples were more expensive than direct purchase. If a person wins a lot of gems they were a better deal ( I do not win a lot of gems lol. Mostly I win arena tickets 😭 that I do not need.)



    Mora milalao lalao mahafinaritra

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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