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  • hello all, I’ve followed this forum for sometime, it’s my go too whenever I have questions regarding AB2. Very informative.


    but I’m currently looking for an active clan 200+ flock power members.


    im currently flock power 218,

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  • ryan-kochie

    My clan is very active, we regularly remove those who aren’t playing events. Have maxed every event so far and then some. Do have to be a member of the Facebook group, as it is a clan for the group:


    Clan is AB2DP-01

    I think I saw your request earlier today? Sorry I didn’t accept, we have a chat as well through the Facebook group: https://m.me/g/Abb7C7x2vr6M4wCQ (Have to be in the Facebook group to join chat).


    If you’re still looking, the SLAYER clan just got rid of dead weight, new recruits joining. If you play, you’re more than welcomed. ID# 7974. Every clan has dead weight. We want members who will simply play at least their free plays. Flock power is irrelevant. If you have a clan and not happy, feel free to join ours. We’re currently giving a few dead weight members, (2 or 3 at most), more chance after new years to contribute, if not, they’re getting kicked faster than they can say those words. (Only because they haven’t played in a long time. so just a little more fine tuning possibly).

    So join the SLAYER. ID 7974. Yes…named after the world’s favorite speed metal band. Wish we could use their logo as a shield icon 😎.

    So feel free to join, that goes for anyone who’s looking and does play every free play at least when possible. We want new recruits who will contribute and communicate with each other. If that’s anyone who read this, JOIN US !!!


    Try ABnest3 very active and social #98826



    We are looking for players to join our Angry Birds Clan!

    Our Clan is Open and free to join!

    Join our Clan – Angry People

    Clan # 15529

    Higher ranks and active players receive co-leader status!

    Please join and help us kick some battles butts!

    Angry People


    If you’re looking to join a clan, you’d better very welcomed in SLAYER, ID#7974. Emerald league and working to go beyond emerald league.

    Update for 2-10-18. Looking to fill spots, had to boot 2 rookies. I gave them several chances, they did not contribute. Very active clan. Dead weights gone. Clan is rebuilt. 35 current members and growing, had to kick 2 low FP I gave 2 chances to prove themselves and failed, 2 more higher FP joined this week. Looking for 350 to 400+ FP, over 400 preferred.

    Recent streak, 5-1. Loss due to low members in December. Clan is closed to puddle jumpers. If you want to join, sent request. Someone will respond soon as they are available. We want only contributing players. If you’re between 300-350, and play daily, especially clan events, then send request as well. If you’re serious, through thick and thin, win or lose, though we hate to lose, then send request. We want members who want to win, stay even if we might not on occasion. Just saying. Can’t see the future!!!

    Update 2-12-18   6-1 as of today.

    We do have a melting pot of members, but due to recent issues on communication, some basic English would be helpful. We have members from all over the world. Not requesting for any reason except we all do need to communicate on occasion when needed. We are equal opportunity clan, but if issues arise for what ever reason, anything, everything, we can’t help if there’s a communication barrier. 3 members got frustrated and left after 1 day. So to save trouble in the future, please understand request. There’s a lot of languages in the world, most don’t speak foreign languages. I’m part German, plus other European mixes, but I don’t know a single word of it. Thank you. My apologies for any inconvenience. We do have 4 couples in the clan, 3 of which are married.

    We got up to 41 members, but a few left, a several kicked due to 0 activity too long. We just got several new members as of 4-7-18. We want members looking to grow with us long term, not bail out for petty reasons, nor do we want members who are just about scoring 1 point every time in clan events or just 1 round in Battles.


    Toaster Oven

    Breaking Beaks #113169 is a new clan started by active players.  We left our clans to start Breaking Beaks because our clans had very poor member participation and we would  lose the clan battles week after week. The clan leaders and co-leaders in our former clans did nothing about non-players. Breaking Beaks is about players taking part in clan events. Any member that takes part in all the clan events will always be a member.  Non- players  that are just holding a spot will be moved out to make room for active players. We welcome you to join us. 

    Toaster Oven.

    Toaster Oven


    We are growing  Breaking Beaks #113169. My flock power is 419 and my co-leaders have flock power ratings of 414 and 347. The four members have flock power ranks of 566, 522, 318, and 182. We all left clans that had a large number of inactive members.  We are growing our clan. Come join us.

    Toaster Oven.



    I am active in events and have FP of almost 400 and am shopping for a new clan. What is your clan power and number of members? Thank you.


    Redneckbirds #11551

    we are recruiting active players

    pls send request

    we always go 100% in events

    Toaster Oven


    Our clan currently has 7 members. The 7 members have flock power ranks of 566, 522, 419, 414, 347, 319, and 182.  We are growing and will be a very powerful clan. If you want to be part of a very active dominating clan join Breaking Beaks #113169.

    Toaster Oven,



    We’re full ..18863 fp @birdythunder

    Mind Augas

    Hello fellow AB2 gamers!

    Clan Sacrificial Ham has a few open spots!
    Looking for Daily players, 300+ fp.
    Search our name, or # 71979.
    We are a well known and respected clan within AB2 daily players community. We are organized with fair and well established clan rules – so far we have completed all challenges to receive full rewards (current one is on for LC in 600pts challenge)!

    Currently we have 9 spots available, so would consider if a small yet powerful and active clan (hmm, @toasteroven, maybe I’ll catch your attention???) would like to merge with us – please look for me in FB and we’ll discuss the details!


    High Birds ID:109408 is looking for active players.

    Notti Eddy

    Hi, Im an active player with 695 flock power. How do i join your clan?


    #11551 redneckbirds Pls join us.  We have two places open


    Would love to joint. I’m active daily. I recently started playing ab2 therefore I have found a little over 200.

    Greetings Ekkie


    I too will be looking to join another clan soon. The current clan I’m in is bit frustrating insofar as there is just one leader and no co leaders, every couple of weeks he does a cull of inactive players but they mostly get replaced by other inactive players so we don’t progress much. Currently we are on the verge of losing the 3rd clan battle out of the last 4, primarily because only 14/50 have taken part compared to 28 on the other team, yet again we didn’t stand a chance.

    If there are any slots in Breaking Beaks then I may jump ship, my star rating is 60, flock power is 361, I started playing in November.  I don’t have a great bank of gems so I admit that for most events I would only be able to play a few times, not the sort of numbers as implied in your screenshots. Would I be welcome?


    Can you PM me about how to join please?



    We have a growing clan where you won’t be “just another name”. We are

    still pretty small with 24 teammates (we had 50 but I kicked the inactive

    players). We communicate very well and are very friendly. We try to complete

    all events but don’t ask or require you to buy gems, like some Clans do.

    Why not stop by for a day or two and see what you think? I recently changed

    our status to private, due to Clan jumpers…


    SOUR KUSH #8624…. I am Gary, always available for questions, help, etc…


    Hi Ekkie!

    We have just removed 1 inactive member from our clan. If you want to join us, just send a request and be part of our great team.


    #100658 The BirdBrains
    FP 728 – 172
    CP 17281 Amethyst
    49 members
    No restrictive rules
    Daily players
    Sign up for every clan battle
    Winning team
    Friendly clan chat communications

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