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  • tempestJCM

    Week 226-B: Diamond, 38th place, -60 confirmed.


    Week 227-A: Gold, 35th place, -15 confirmed.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far. Since we’re on a new page of this thread, here is an update to the chart I’ve been working on.

    ABF Leagues 09262016.jpg


    Week 227-B: Diamond, 11th place, +5 confirmed.

    Week 226-B: Glass, 34th place, +80 confirmed.
    I added the game to my phone but the ads drove me crazy, so I’ve abandoned it.


    Week 228-A: Gold, 31st place, -11 confirmed.


    All remaining Gold League scores confirmed.

    I see today that Rovio has made our work much easier. If you look at the League tab, there is now a number in either a green or red block at the bottom left of each position. That number represents the league points you stand to gain or lose, while the number in the yellow block at the lower right is the birdcoin reward for finishing in the that position.

    What I really need now is for someone currently in the Diamond League to report the two scores that I’ve left blank and any scores that I might have filled incorrectly in the chart above. I’m planning to work my way down to the lower leagues, and I’ll update the chart as soon as I have more leagues filled in.


    Since it may take awhile to work my way down to Stone League, here is an update to the chart.

    ABF Leagues 10132016.jpg


    Here is an update to the chart that now includes the Diamond League.

    ABF Leagues 11172016.jpg


    It looks like Rovio has recently made some minor adjustments to the scoring grid once again. Here is the latest.

    ABF Leagues 03232017.jpg


    After consulting with Rovio’s updated FAQ page, here is my latest update to the league scoring chart.

    ABF Leagues 04102017.jpg

    I’ve also been working on an update to the birdcoin rewards chart by league. Here is what I have so far.

    ABF Birdcoins 04102017.jpg

    Mechanic Pig

    Ok, here are some more adjustments for the diamond league:

    2nd +60

    3rd +40

    4th +35

    5th to 35th: +19 to -12

    37th -30

    38th -40

    39th -45



    The scoring grid for the Diamond League is different for each star level.  I’m able to determine that you must at Diamond star level 2.  I have just uploaded an update to my chart which is shown below.  I apologize in advance for the legibility of the scores, as I’ve been able to advance only as far as star level 4.

    ABF Leagues 10062017.jpg


    Here is a close-up of the scoring grid with focus on the Diamond League.

    ABF Diamond League 10062017.jpg

    Sandra Modersohn

    I can help with Diamond 5!  :)

    1, +100, 1000 coins

    2, +50, 500

    3, +40, 300

    4, +30, 200

    5, +16, 150

    6, +15, 100

    7, +14, 90

    8, +13, 85

    9, +12, 80

    10, +11, 75

    11, +10, 70

    12, +9, 65

    13, +8, 60

    14, +7, 55

    15, +6 , 50

    16, +5, 40

    17, +4, 39

    18, +3, 38

    19, +2, 37

    20, +1, 36

    21, -1, 35

    22, -2, 34

    23, -3, 33

    24, -4, 32

    25, -5, 31

    26, -6, 30

    27, -7, 29

    28, -8, 28

    29, -9, 27

    30, -10, 26

    31, -11, 25

    32, -20, 24

    33, -25, 23

    34, -25, 22

    35, -30, 21

    36, -40, 20

    37, -50, 19

    38, -55, 18

    39, -60, 17

    40, -65, 16

    i hope that helps some!



    Every little bit helps.  Can you re-confirm positions 33-34?  It seems odd that there are 2 positions with the same score.

    It doesn’t appear that the birdcoin rewards change once you reach the Diamond League.  But what is apparent is that for each level one advances it becomes a little harder to move up the ladder.   There must be players on here who frequently use power-ups that have advanced many levels.  I wonder what it must be like to compete at the 10-star level or even the 50-star level.


    Sandra Modersohn

    That is odd isn’t it? But it’s actually the case. They are both -25.

    Personally I tend to play over and over without power ups until I have a technique down. Then I add in power ups on the last night once I have a good idea of how the level will behave.  :) Saves me a lot of power ups.

    I’ll let t you know if I get back into 6. :). I was there for a bit but I hadn’t found this site yet!  So glad to be able to help.

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