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  • Dunno, something has changed.
    Seems every kingpin map is getting to be impossible to do without spending a ton of gems.

    I got birds that should have died, ending up in impossible to get to locations, even with the zoomer, or the bombing chicken.

    And that is if I can even arrive at the king pig part of the map, with more than 1 bird left. Seems 4 out of 5 trys I arrive with zero birds available. I have tried destroying all the bricks/sticks/boars/ice, stuff as well as getting all the pigs, but nope.  If I cannot do a level with just 2 birds, I won’t have enough for the king pig.

    Also tired of making direct hits on the King pig and doing little or no damage.
    Playing on windows 10 platform.  About ready to pack it up and leave AB2.


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  • AggieGuy

    Some KPPs, just like some DCs, are just not beatable unless you’re willing to spend a lot of gems. Be it insane bird sucking levels, or ones with blocked exits and the boss has almost unlimited health, the best thing to do is try once, and if you find it is not beatable, take the free gems from the daily quest, and move on.


    Yep, DC & KPP are both becoming POS’s for casual players. I manage to win them both once in a while without spending more than 120 gems, but mostly not willing to spend even 60 in DC, if there is no KPP.


    Thanks for the good advice aggieguy the 4-4-5 doesn’t help any either Take the free gems life’s good.


    Rovio pics and chooses which  dc/kpp levels you play, based on whether you spend gems on it or not.  I’ve never spent a gem on dc/kpp and My typical dc is a 2/2/3 or 2/3/4 layout, while my clan mates and like some of you play 4/4/5 layouts with much more difficult dc levels.  It’s a joke that if you spend money you are forced to play a different game than others.

    Doom Baby

    Stop wasting your time. The rewards aren’t worth it. I only play the kpp when it’s required to get my daily gems.


    I’ll play the dc once maybe twice(never spend gems), and will only play kpp if it’s for the 20 gem daily quest.  I can complete the easy 2/2/3 dc levels a majority of time.  I’d be furious if I was playing 4/4/5 dc levels, when others like me play much easier 2/2/3 levels.  It a goddamn joke.



    I was stuck on boss level 2613 for days.  I started getting more golden pigs and the pigs that won’t die when they should started to perish.  It was torture.  😂


    level 2613?!!!  OMG,  I just got to 986.  Its 6 rooms long. Took me 4 birds to get out of first room the first time, and 5 birds the 2nd try…  I gave up trying to get to the king pig room as I ran out of birds in the 4th room each time.

    Really I am at the point where I am just going to quit spending money on this game and uninstall it.  When the FUN gets removed, its time to move on.


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