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  • I just tried to autoplay 13-5 for the first time in a couple months.  The birds froze everytime I autoplayed the level.  I was able to use the menu to exit out, but the problem kept happening.  I was running elite wizard and elite skulkers every time.


    Using skulkers with autoplay seems to be causing the freezing glitch but autoplay is definitely messed up.  Even using other birds, my birds were attacking new waves before they came on screen and attack even when all the pigs were defeated.

    Rovio keeps breaking the game in new and terrible ways.

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  • Seb

    Same problem here but depends on classes. I have the same problem with Priestess or Skulkers but not with Rogue or Treasure Hunters (edit).

    When the first bird finishes the wave, the second continues to attack, leading sometimes to stay in an infinite loop.

    It looks like that my treasure hunters had a brain transplant. Before, they were using their passive ability 66% of the time.


    I had that problem too starting yesterday.  Hopefully this will get fixed


    The problem exists even for paladin, Wizard and Witch ad well as for samurai, Rainbird and Skullkers… :-(

    I can’t almost auto-play any Level/caves right now… :-(


    @maxxmatt Certain birds always cause autoplay to freeze.  Witch and Skulkers are two of them


    Are there birds that confirmedly do *not* cause autoplay to freeze? In particular, which one of Bomb’s classes is safe?


    It depends on the team selected. In general, the problem comes from the second bird (in the caves).

    If you use Bomb as the second bird, I remember that Pirate and Berserk were working… “better”. My Cannoner, SeaDog and Captain were 80, so not tested.

    If you use Bomb as the first bird (so Blues are the second birds) : avoid to use Marksmen, Skulkers. Spies and Treasure Hunters give less problem. Not tested Rogues and Tricksters

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