In Memory of Rat ”The King of Space” 1955-2017

  • The greatest Space flinger of all time. A grumpy, irascible, cranky, sometimes rude, disagreeable, old Rodent (not being rude here, he called himself all these things).

    Who can forget his ”Rat stRATs” One of the best ’I didn’t intentionally leave out which two boulders to shoot at. It’s just most people are sane enough not to try this shot. But you asked. The right bottom pig has a large boulder above and to the right and a medium boulder’

    And when one many of trophies was beaten
    ’I pulled my pixelator out of mothballs for this one’

    In reply to a flinger with the best and most expensive equipment available ’I use an iPad, my fat finger and one eye’

    And how about to someone who came up with a better strategy: ’Good Strategy. But it took all the fun out of it for me, I got a top score in five minutes”

    We may call ourselves ”virtual” friends on the internet, but we are real friends. We laugh and fight, and challenge each other, we fall out, we make up, and sometimes shed a tear. We are shedding tears

    Everyone in The Nest please raise your fling, and shoot like Tom, The Undisputed King of Space.

    Please share you memories below…

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Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 38 total)
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