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    Very sad news for the Nest. Thanks to him I went through many tricky levels. His strats are showing that he had an immense passion to AB Space, always trying to get the best possible score. It’s always hard to accept this kind of things, I send my condolences to his wife and hope she’s alright.


    Interesting memories noted here.  For me, the one thing that  makes me think of rat9 every time I play Space, and many times on other levels as well,  is the use of the (never popular) less than full power shots.  He used them more than anyone else, and because of him I always try to remember to try them.


    Ahhh yes @Stocktoad the famous reduced power shots! Yep I also try to apply that, not only in Space but in any level applicable, especially with YB . can make a lot of otherwise difficult shots by adjusting the power,,*sigh* such a good teacher he was!
    The best is he didn’t mind sharing these tricks with all of us 🐣


    I just discovered these sad news now, when I saw the homage in today’s challenge.

    What an original and great contributor to the Nest we have lost.

    I believe most of us saw through his somewhat rough style, and recognized the friendly and humorous person he was.

    He will be deeply missed.


    Ooh @gladvold I’m so sorry i didn’t inform you,, Really I’m sorry,,I tried to inform all Rat9 freinds,, there are so many please forgive me I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Yes he will be deeply missed by so many, there’s an n empty space in Nest now. but he’ll always be dearly remembered in many hearts.
    I’ve posted the Obit in the Bloated Pig forum and also somewhere above in this forum,, there is a place where you can sign the guest book,, I’m sure Mrs. Rat will be touched to Know how many friends cared for him. after my name i wrote (angrybirdsnest) so she and family would know know who we are..


    @kathy No need to be sorry for not informing me! I wasn’t even on Rat’s friends list, I guess I had too much respect to ever send him a friends request.
    Thank you for your efforts and your posts in connection with his passing away.
    I know you two had a special connection. I’m sorry for your loss.


    Condoleances to the family of  ‘Rat’……………. 😥


    yep, i download the game in apknite and keep in my phone without playing it much. just to keep it to remember a good old day! rip!


    @honkandhorn , it’s nice to hear that people areare st keeping his memory , thank you 😊 and if you decide to play the game you can always find his helpful ‘RatStrats” in many walkthroughs 🐣


    thanks also @swansaredead (i like swans, sad you changed your name to be so sad)


    I never new rat, but he sounds like he was a good player


    What is the The King of Space?

    Sam Sung

    thanks you


    And Rat’s wife maiden name is Ratcliff which may have started the Rat thing @bern

Home Forums General Discussions Forum In Memory of Rat ”The King of Space” 1955-2017

Viewing 14 replies - 26 through 39 (of 39 total)
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