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  • @gumby Super video of the Rafale at Sion air show, Switzerland!

    @bernersenn Playing Jurassic Pork. Why can't my birds perform as elegantly as yours do in the walkthroughs?
    Afterthought: Flying lessons! Maybe they should take a look at that vid too -:)
  • Thanks guys about your sweet words about Daika.

    @Tompuss those videos are created by @mighty-red-1
    I wished that I could create that gorgeous videos in such a short time.
    I am just the guy who puts them into the walkthroughs
  • But guys, need also to tell you very bad news.
    @Kathy got an email from Caroll (Tom/Rat)’s wife:

    Kathy,  Tom got a blockage in his airway Sunday a week ago.  He stopped breathing and his heart stopped.  They revived him, but he never woke up.  After of week of not responding to anything.  The Doctor told me that he would be in vegetative state the rest of his life.  Knowing he would not want to live that way, I discontinued life support.   He passed away a little while ago.  

  • Our home in The Nest echoes from the emptiness caused by the loss of our beloved Tom/Rat9. Thank-you, @bernersenn , for updating us on this very sad news. @kathy , please convey to Caroll our most sincere condolences. I know she retired from her main employment this spring, and they were just starting to travel to new places together. I am so very, very sorry for her loss. My heart aches for her.
  • @catsnbirds well said. Thanks a lot.
  • Very well said @catsnbirds Yes i will\have conveyed condolences from All his friends here in the Nest. poor Carol, i know, can't imagine what she's going through , from the happiest time of her life to have it all taken away so unexpectedly, planning many years of traveling to have it crash down around her heart .
    When i find the Obit I will post it here, Also when i find out the arrangements I will send flowers from All of us here in the Nest. I'm still processing this really , found out late last night, just before bedtime, didn't sleep well then worked all day. my mind hasn't had time to believe it's real :(
  • @kathy Please let me know if they designate a charity for contributions in his memory. If so, I'll make a donation from his family at the BP.
  • @all so sad
    And @catsnbirds I certainly will give to any charity that Carol nominates
    I think we need "The Rat" badge. Any episode in Space. All scores in the top five.
    That's the one he wanted most of all.
    A fitting tribute to the greatest Space Flinger of all time
    Give me a week...
  • @catsnbirds I certainly will post any information i can find, or Carol gives me concerning charities or anything
    I just can't bother her now, I'll wait a couple days unless she offers the info.
    I was thinking of some kind of Tribute @Hunnybunny A 'Rat badge sounds great! good idea
  • @kathy wassup
    @rat We will all miss you very much
    @tompuss thank you for the video
  • Goodnight all
    Feeling sad ...
  • @all -- It's hard to process @Rat not coming back. I know we all expected him any day. I really feel for for Carol. It is so sad that they were just starting to do more traveling together. A Rat badge would be fitting.
  • Love the idea @hunnybunny. Some kind of tribute.
    The Nest won't be the same without him.
  • I am saddened by the passing of Tom/Rat and felt that sudden vacuum when I saw the news.

    I am relatively new to the Nest and am just flinging through various AB games and the challenges. I haven't posted much to the Bloated Pig and not at all lately (didn't have anything to say) but I stop by frequently to see what has been going on. And, of course, now watching the updates on him.

    Just about every place I play I look to see what @Rat had to say and what he did. I have felt warmed by reading the comments from everyone about knowing but not knowing the virtual people playing in the Nest - but then actually caring about them. Then missing Rat and learning the tragic circumstance of him and his wife, Carol, just beginning their new life of retirement.

    I would like to participate in anything @kathy and others are going to do to memorialize Tom/Rat.

    One thing, I'm sure you all realize, is that it will be years before the handle Rat will even begin to dwindle where new folks would still be looking to see "who is that guy" and "how did he do that?"

  • @Patz Thank you so much for your kind words and warm thoughts, it really means a lot
    I will surely keep everyone informed of any arrangements made formally by the family, if i have that information, and Everyone is welcome here to share memories and feelings as you just did
    Really just knowing that even though your fairly new and we don't see you that often, it's nice to hear that you look to Rat to see what he had to say, he was a very interesting man.
    we will all miss him dearly
  • Must say my Final
    Nighty Night @Pa♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Rest easy and peacefully , hold Robert close and may the Angels surround you and serenade you to deep painless sleep forever after .
    Love you and will miss you with All my heart ♡
  • So our dear friend is gone. . but never from our hearts. I'll always remember his wry humour, his courage in coping with constant pain and sleeplessness. I think the Nesters' company was a lifeline for him - and above all, he gave so much to us. I remember him helping me through a particularly difficult episode of Space, bless him. . When a little time has passed I'll go back and read his posts again.
    The badge is a great idea!
    "We are all made of stardust", said Carl Sagan, and I like to think of Tom up there in the cosmos with his beloved Robert. .
    Good night, Tom. . .
  • @kathy A thought just came to me: As a tribute to Tom and a gift to Carol, we could name a star for him with NASA. Here's info on memorial gifts:

    Tell me what you think.
  • @bernersenn Absolutely, it says everything. . . thanks
  • *sighhhhhhh*
    Really,truly don't know what to say. Words are useless. Everyone seems to have said everything and I can only echo them. I cannot imagine the pain Carol is in right now. The anger she must feel. That this should be a new chapter......*sigh* It's cruel and unfair. The nest has had too many heartbreaks lately. It's overwhelming.
    @kathy Your final night night Pa brought a giant lump to my throat. You were the closest to him and I'm so so sorry.
    @tompuss That is a wonderful idea. In space forever :)
    @bernersenn Very true
    See? I'm useless. I can ramble on as everyone is aware but right now.....words fail me.
    Love to everyone x
  • Farewell @rat9. I wish I could have met you when you were in Paris, but it was not possible. I mourn you as if I has lost a close relative. Playing Space will never be the same for me.
  • @all I was wondering how the Nest could pay hommage to Tom. What if the next Space Daily Challenges were levels he was fond of, or whose score he was proud of? I have in mind Brass Hogs 9-22, Cold Cuts S-5, Solar System 10-11, Danger Zone D-30 (the first ever RatstRAT), Pig Dipper 6-6, Beak Impact 1 8-20, Beak Impact 2 8-28... There are many others in Mirror World as well, althouh I did not know them (one should ask Romo).
  • Hey Everyone
    @Tompuss That's a great idea! that would be a perfect honor! I will look into it definitely.
    @Sklouk great idea also, I will talk to @Sweetp ,, haven't seen her for a bit, but I'll send her a Pm
    @Bernersenn great song, sadly makes me think of my daughter whenever i hear it, very sad dark song!
    @jlz-666 you are so right, there really are no words, thank you for coming in to share your feelings,, is a tough time in the Nest for sure
    . and yes a poor Carol, you said it perfectly, The anger of the cruelness must be overwhelming , mixed with the sadness and everything else that comes with such a loss.
    and yes i will miss him dearly, The Nest now has an empty place somehow , just will never be the same:( and yep I'm just rambling on myself, trying to find words that just don't exist.
  • I just love the idea of "Rat" star thanks @tompuss
    I'll definitely pay $33 to create an everlasting memorial to the sarcastic old Rodent
    RIP Tom.
    Even Mrs Bunny has a tear in her eye...
  • Anyone else noticed? The walls are silent
  • @kathy @tompuss @jlz-666 @sglouk @bernersenn @hunnybunny @patz There is nothing more that I can add to all the things that we will miss about our beloved rat9.

    @tompuss the naming of a star seems like a perfect idea.
  • Hey @Gumby ...we all know Waassssupppp.....:( But we gotta keep in keeping on, Rat wouldn't want us all sad and stuff,
    let's remember the happy times!
    i miss Snicker and Snort dragging me off to bed by the ponytail lol.. gotta find that video!
  • High Flight

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
    I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air… .

    Up, up the long, delirious burning blue
    I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark, or ever eagle flew —
    And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

    — John Gillespie Magee, Jr
  • @ABCrazy is one plane purposely missing from that photo?
  • @gumby Yes. It's called the 'missing man formation'. It's what pilots do when they lose one of their own. I don't think @rat9 was an airplane pilot, but he was part of the aerospace community for a good part of his career. It seems to fit the occasion.
  • @Kathy thanks for letting me know. @all He will be missed. I mean, he was an ornery old rat, but he did have some redeeming characteristics. :-)
  • @ABCrazy That is just beautiful , and a very fitting tribute to Rat .. amazing thank you!
  • @ABCrazy I don't think he was actually as ornery as he tried to be. He was much nicer than he seemed.
  • your so right @Gumby he was really a big ole Teddy Bear,, he just didn't want folks to see that.. lest he appeared vulnerable, The Ornery Grumpy act was just that,, After all who that ornery could have that much heartfelt love for a Big ole cuddly Bob cat!! Hee was a big softie he was..shhh don't tell i said that ...
  • @gumby I know. I meant that 'tongue in cheek' which I tried to indicate with the smiley at the end. But... txt doesn't express nuances well.
  • @Kathy thanks. I've known & lost more than a few people I highly respect. The pilot and aerospace community has experienced this far too often. I find their rituals highly emotional and also comforting. When I read the words to that poem again.... it just fit.
  • i can imagine @ABCrazy
    I almost wanted to play the song Sky Pilot,, because your poem and words somehow sparked that song in my head.. but it's too sad, and Rat wasn't a pilot after all, but your right the most of his career was in the AeroSpace community,, hence his love for Space. (i think)
  • Goodnight everybody
  • Nighty night @Gumby.
  • Just to let you all know, I've contacted each and everyone of Rats friends,, with the help of @hunnybunny and @Karen68 and @bernersenn, Im confident we've contacted everyone, and made announcements throughout the Nest to be sure everyone and anyone who wants to share a memory or a thought are welcome here to do so.
    This was Tom's favorite hangout, except of course Space , His Kingdom, and I'm confident the BP has been around long enough that we have many many lurkers who are aware of what's happened and I'm hoping they also feel free to comment with their memories and thoughts.
    I don't believe that we've lost a Nester before, that we know of, and I'm sure there are many mixed emotions
    All are welcome

    As i said i will contact Carol tomorrow and see if i can find out about the Final arrangements , for sending flowers, donations etc.
    I will also mention to her @Tompuss great idea of naming a Star , perfect tribute!
    and i will try to get a hold of @Sweetp about the Daily Challenge.
    Thank you all for you kind words and sentiments, I wish i could copy this all of this and send it to Carol so she can see all the Loving Caring friends Tom spent the last 6-7 years hanging out with!
  • Nighty night All.. until tomorrow..
  • Missing man formation goes with 'taps'. So when you see that image, you should also hear the horn playing as well. I cant post that combo here. Let your imagination work.
  • that would be nice @ABCrazy :) ohhh u said 'can't' sorry it's late I'm tired, i will use my imagination, hmmm there is no video of a combination, formation and music? Any particular reason? or..
  • @kathy I’ll see what I can find. I’m better at the still photos. Others are better than me at the video thing.
  • So sad to hear. Can't imagine how Carol must be feeling. A Rat Badge would be a fitting tribute.
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