How come all treasure chests after level 250 only have 20 feathers

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  • Rovio seems to have cheaped out on the treasure chests after level 250. Nothing but 20 random feathers. Wheat earlier levels had up to 125 feathers. Forcing you to constantly play the areana, to have any chance of leveling up your birds.

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  • waimea

    Not trying to be a smart-a**, but you answered your own question @james-peden. (:


    Ikr? But it makes perfect sense. The game itself is for making money and not for player enjoyment.

    Why would the game seen like a money grab? Well…

    All the AB games are about restarting the level until you get it right. Why not make some cash from this and add a lives system?

    The 6 wave levels. It seems like beating the level is always out of reach by 1 or 2 birds. Therefore you pay gems or watch a video to get more!

    The 20 feather prize was designed to act like they’re rewarding you when they really aren’t…

    As soon as this game isn’t profitable anymore they’ll can it for sure.

    Orange Bubbles

    @partshade Yes, it’s sad but it’s the truth. :(

    This game was designed with all the ads and money grabbing systems in mind, in such a way that it’s almost unplayable without an internet connection. Everything and every corner has an ad attached and they keep finding a way to put even more ads with every update (the last update brought a bunch of new ones). :P

    The difficult in this game isn’t the levels, is being able to play without emptying the credit card. But as long as we can keep farming gifts to get feathers, it’s better not to complain.


    @james-peden — The red gifts are still 100 feathers, at least in the earlier levels. See the thread on where to get gifts. Personally, I only play level 9 now, and frequently get red gifts. I had actually forgotten that any of the earlier treasure chests gave more than 20 feathers. I agree that’s pretty stingy.


    It’s a shame. Especially as it costs a lot of money to download the game. Oh wait…

    Ang Ryone

    I don’t understand the 20 feathers per chest either. It feels like a bug because I got 100+ feathers plenty of times at earlier levels, but nowadays it’s just 20, 20, 20 and it’s weird because I have 3star:ed everything.


    Not to mention the fact that anyone who has three-starred everything probably has birds at the point where you need a LOT more feathers to advance to the next level. The 20-feather treasure boxes are something you just have to laugh at otherwise you’ll cry… Am going to check out the threads on where to get gifts, though — never bothered before but might as well!


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum How come all treasure chests after level 250 only have 20 feathers

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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