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  • Rovio needs our help, it seems. And why not? They hire folks, maybe fire folks, but we ‘the birds’ may know better. I love the game itself but hate the obvious money machine. Yes, money must be made.. -and so-.. let us help Rovio making it in a more proper way

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  • filth pig

    I would change the incredible difference from being a novice.. when you increase your power every minute, to the extremely long period it takes later on to complete a headset or get enough feathers.

    I understand the idea: your in it now… you’ll pay to improve! But the reality is (my experience in our clan) 75% of players quits when they don’t increase fast enough.. we humans need some gratification I guess.

    I don’t really know if? But my guess is a bigger amount of players make more money? Commercials, a little buy here and there?

    I would put 30 more 1000 pearl hat sets in there, have birds move up with 25000 feathers so there won’t be such a big change after you run through the ranks in the early stages.

    please come with plans players!


    Just quit making the game heavily favor those who are willing to pay thousands of $$$ to always win, and quit nerfing the game to try to con people into paying $$$.

    Vogel Birdson

    There is a tonne of stuff that the community could suggest to Rovio for improvements. My biggest thing is the rewards for feats:

    Havings some rewards, whatever it is, is great and it’s free. But some of them just don’t stack up. The community was disappointed when they removed gems from rewards – I was aiming for 1000 gems for completing a feat but instead got a Lengendary chest. And the crazy thing is the reward for the next step in that same feat is a Rare chest. Less reward for considerably greater effort!

    I don’t understand this approach at all. There is no incentive for longer-term players to achieve those feats.

    I’ve mentioned before that they should start introducing Jackpot Eggs or similar grand rewards for grand feats.


    MEBC has become a joke. There is no “training.” It is just watching a lot of players hack the game to get the highest scores. It used to be that you could have a good run and get 100 points. That hasn’t happened for a long time now because of all those ultra-high scores at the top.

    How boring it is for the same high-level players get all the top rewards, season after season.

    And enough with the 10K “exotic” hat sets. They are not worth that price for a flock power increase of 6. There is nothing “legendary” about them. There is no way to get them except in TOF during the event or to pay for them later.

    It seems like the TOF has even more pigs during a hat event. Usually, there is a pig at level 2 every day.

    These exotic hats have just helped the higher-level players increase by even more since they seem to have unlimited pearls. For everyone else, it can take months to complete an exotic set, but by then, there is another set that has been added.

    I have hit level 30 in TOF maybe 15 times in the last couple of months, and I have never received the legendary hat there. The law of averages seems to be off when it comes to the TOF.

    filth pig

    @ vogel birdson..

    so you agree with me long term players should get rewards so they can move on a bit?

    could you think if this would make Rovio some money? Cause that’s an important question I asked in this thread.. I can think of a lot I would like better..

    but these servers must run, staff must be paid.
    ( I think keeping peops playing the game longer result in money, but I’m not sure?)

    filth pig


    I agree it’s a bit of a scam these hats. But if your clever and take the time you’ll only need a run in the tower every other 2 months or so (since you take this time to gather the 30.000 pearls needed to complete a set?)

    these months could also be used to save diamonds for some runs when you completed your last set. In writing this I think I know they’ll only grand you your 4th hat if you pay for diamonds? I now 3 times lost 20000 saved pearls on piggies and the useless hats on the floors.

    anybody got the same experience?

    I hate the tof. Since it’s a one armed bandit.. I’ve seen a lot of people fck up their life’s and of their loved ones in gambling..,

    But I think these hats are AB2 biggest moneymakers, together with the tof anyday.. so my guess.. it will stay as it is .

    my advice: hardly to never play that thing (because of which this game should be 18+ because it’s gambling)

    filth pig

    (Pearls must be diamonds)


    There is actually a bill before the US Congress which will severely restrict if not outright ban most of what Rovio does with AB2 in order to make $$$.

    Odds are it won’t go anywhere, like the vast majority of bills.


    So many ways they can make this game scale better. Can level up the common/rare/legendary chest for example. Open 300 common chests and rewards will always be improved. Have like 5 levels, so the levels scale with what you need to level up in game.

    I think they realized they were getting overboard with feathers per level and capped at 50k per level, but that also has the affect of players never catching up. If those near max caught up to max and stopped collecting for a bit it gives time for others to get to near max, like a lot of games you can’t bank experience until the next levels are out. Then others feel they have a chance. As is you hit that 50k wall and you stop really catching up to the top players, as all gain feathers around the same rate, if not the top players gain a bit faster.

    The scale of levels on this game is just out of whack and I don’t think able to really improve without some drastic changes.

    Twisted Lemon

    Some scaling would definitely be nice. For example, those chests that you get every 3-4 levels when doing the single player levels are worthless for “late game” players as they only give a few hundred feathers. If they scaled and gave more feathers depending on your rank (the star in the top left corner) that would be way better.

    Twisted Lemon

    So for some reason my previous post somehow got deleted when I was editing it, so I’m going to post it again as soon as I have a moment. Kind of annoying.

    filth pig

    @AgieGuy. We in Europe already have those bills. Some collective anti gambling firms are trying to get them implemented on games like this. Problem.. Rovio could see this coming miles away.. Their defense ( and to an extent correct) will be: You can play the game without the TOF.  But you can’t play without chests popping up, so that will become an issue in front of the judges.

    If it gets to that.

    filth pig

    @ Twisted Lemon. I’m not sure if they could program this; but I like your input a lot. Bigger chest reward in arena if your above the 50k feather level.

    filth pig

    @ryan-jochie: I don’t think newer players should catch up easy on older players? The problem this game has that it takes 5 years or so to get from college football to NFL.

    of your implementations I have to think about.. They do look promising.

    filth pig

    Another serious point I would like to address to Rovio: STOP bullying your players (a bit difficult: in my language we have 3 degrees of bullying, in English I only know this one).

    How many times you throw in a pearl party exactly to stop the second a clan battle ends for us to collect these double pearls?
    How many times do you do this with feathers?

    This is so outrageously impolite.
    The persons responsible for this must puke over their own mirrored image.


    Twisted Lemon

    As some of you might have seen, I made a big post with lots of ideas earlier a few days ago. I edited it several times, just to refine the entire post, make the ideas and explanations clearer etc. Well when I went to save my changes after another quick edit, the entire post disappeared.

    I managed to copy all the text from it so I didn’t lose anything, but I can’t seem to re-post it here as the page just refreshes when I hit the submit button. I will keep trying though, I’d like to share my ideas.


    I’d like to hear your ideas and help collaborate, Twisted, you definitely have your wits about you. Here’s to hoping you can succeed in posting 🍻!

    Twisted Lemon

    Edit after posting this: I guess my old post was too long or something and exceeded whatever the character limit there is for posts. Or it the forum editing page freaked out and just deleted my post. I don’t know. I kept trying to paste the text I had saved and post it again but it wasn’t working.

    So what I’ve done is remove the explanations/details for all the ideas and just left the ideas themselves (my previous post had each idea followed by a short description underneath that explained what I was suggesting).

    1. Add x3 Blizzard spell cards

    2. ToF now has no pigs until after floor 5

    3. ToF can now be played again for free after a certain time (say every 3-5 hrs)

    4. Spells received during levels that aren’t used are kept are “banked” and added to our spell collection

    5. Allow the option to purchase single birds to continue with (say for 20 gems)

    6. Give all players the free bird videos in the DC and KPP

    7. Reduce the difficulty of the DC/Make the DC more fair

    8. Improve the DC and KPP rewards

    9. Give the “featured pig” in every DC a small power boost (only say +5 or +10)

    10. Remove the blocked exit boss rooms

    11. Add rare gem and black pearl chests to normal levels, DCs and KPPs*

    12. Hat set sales/discount

    13. Reduce the chest prices + give them occasional discounts

    * Just like the rare chests that show up from time to time, gem and black pearl chests would reward you with gems/black pearls (obviously). You’d get offered 5 cards, each one with a different amount of gems/black pearls. Fairly simple.


    Here are the few ideas I’ve had that I haven’t seen mentioned here before:

    Add exotic hats to rare/legendary chests. As @photokool mentioned, the only way to get them right now is by spending black pearls that take forever to accumulate.

    When you hit a pig in ToF, instead of quitting and losing everything, what if you instead had the option to quit and keep what you’ve gotten? So now the options are “quit and only get what you’ve gotten now” and “pay to get more stuff.”

    Twisted Lemon

    Some good ideas RizDub.

    Exotic hats do need to have alternate ways to be collected. Now that you/Photokool mention it, they really can’t be obtained any other way other than spending a ridiculous amount of black pearls for just 1.

    It would make sense to put them in rare chests (with a small chance) and legendary chests (slightly higher chance). Rare chests can be obtained fairly often every day and it would make them more interesting if their reward pool was expanded. Legendary chests are super rare to come by and they should give you great rewards. If we find and Exotic Hat that we already have then give us 1k black pearls instead.

    The ToF idea is great, it would be way better if we were allowed to keep what we had instead of losing everything. It should be more rewarding and less punishing, that way it would deserve the name “Tower of fortune”.

    Twisted Lemon

    I want to expand on my 8th idea: improving the DC and KPP rewards. Currently they’re as followed (at least for me):

    DC – 400 feathers, 1 chest, 3 apples, 1 chilli and 30 black pearls
    KPP – 1000 feathers, 1 chest, 5 apples, 100 black pearls

    For the DC, in it’s current state, these rewards are atrocious:

    400 feathers is useless; all my birds are level 92+ my extra birds are 75+ and all require 50k feathers to level up to the next level (there’s a peak max feather requirement that you hit eventually). 400 feathers is virtually worthless, especially for “late game” players like myself and others here on this forum.

    The rare chest is arguably the best reward available as it gives decent rewards most of the time. 3 apples is ok, but feels like filler. 1 Chilli spell is also filler and particularly lazy, as you can get single Chilli spells so easily from the common chest so having this as a reward is cheap.

    30 black pearls is worthless, and just like the feathers it’s not going to help at all given how expensive hats are when you’re late game. You can get the same amount of black pearls from something as simple as opening the chest in the Hat Store, getting hats from chests that you already have or just getting black pearl cards from common and rare chests. When we need to save up for hats that cost 10k each, 30 is not going to help.

    The KPP, which is meant to be harder than the DC, isn’t that much better. 600 more feathers for very mediocre 1000 total. A rare chest, which again is the best reward available. 5 apples, marginally better than 3 but still filler. 70 more black pearls for a still-measly 100 total…and no spell card, so that’s 4 rewards instead of 5 for something that’s meant to be harder.

    Here’s an example of how I would improve the rewards:

    DC – 1500 feathers, 1 chest, 5 apples, x3 random spells, 250 black pearls
    KPP – 3000 feathers, 1 chest, 5 apples, x3 random spells, 500 black pearls

    The feather and black pearl amounts for both events have been boosted significantly to make them actually worthwhile, with the KPP having double the amounts; it’s meant to be harder so it should reward better. Frankly I’d increase the amounts further still but this is just an example.

    The 1x Chilli for the DC is now a x3 of either Ducks, Resizers or Chillis (and Blizzards if they ever get added as an option). Then just rotate/randomize them so that each day the DC and KPP give 2 different x3 spells, and maybe even throw in x3 Mighty Eagles that appear a few times a week, maybe just for the KPP. I kept the apples for both and just made the DC give 5 instead of 3. It’s still filler but I suppose it’s better to get 5 rewards than 4.

    filth pig

    Hello Birds!

    Thanks for al the input (@twisted L. I did a nice long reply to your suggestions some week ago, but it somehow didn’t land on the platform.)

    We’ve had some terrible rough seas last week so I was a bit tired to interact around here, sorry for that.

    I think ‘summary’ that most of you feel after you go to the 50.000 feather, 10.000 pearl hats.. The game sort of stops?

    Again.. Would it be a good idea to go to 25000 feathers, and implement loads of 2000pearly hat sets?

    And yes twisted.. Videofunction should be available for all, or for none.. Like the three musketiers.

    filth pig

    Another very good idea I think is to let players keep the spells they don’t use.. This would really make the game a lot more creative.

    I always shoot them since they are in feats.. 400 pearls after using 10000 spells.

    Since Rovio sells spells maybe a nice trade off would be: Keep unused spells, but we remove them from the cheapest chest? (would f. up new players though?)

    I think they’d be better of by making this a paying game? Just ask me 30 euro the year to play the game.. Fire all the hooligans working for you, but the two creating new levels.                                                                                                                                                Lean back in your big chairs, enjoying the lovely truly inventive game you once enrolled.

    Twisted Lemon

    No worries, and welcome back. Thanks for your comments, I’d like this thread to be active with people suggestion any ideas they may have.

    The feather and black pearls thing is a pretty big issue. Take black pearls to start with: once you’re late game and you’ve completed all the early/cheaper hat sets (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Magical) it becomes a massive and slow grind to collect black pearls for the Exotic-tier hat sets, which cost 70k pearls to fully complete. That’s 10k per hat, which itself takes forever to save up for, then you have to do that 7 times. It takes forever, it’s tedious and not that enjoyable.

    On top of that you have the Legendary-tier hats which are even worse as they cost 25k each…that’s a 150% price increase. Though there’s no point in working on these as:

    1) It already takes an absurdly long amount of time to complete an entire Exotic hat set, let alone save up for just 1 Exotic hat. Take that time and double it, add a bit more and you have the time it takes to save for just 1 Legendary hat.

    2) We keep getting new Exotic hat sets added in with virtually every subsequent Hat Adventure = more work added to the pile of grinding we already had to do before <new hat set> was added.

    So ultimately the Legendary hat sets are not worth thinking about as we’ll never have any reason to start working on them when Exotic hats already take long enough to accumulate and there’s a lot of them to get done. Plus Exotic hat sets are cheaper to work on, as by getting enough black pearls for 1 Legendary hat you’d be able to buy 2 Exotic hats and be halfway done for a 3rd.

    The grind is awful because we get so little black pearls from playing daily; despite there being many ways to get pearls, the amounts we get are minuscule:

    1) If you can slog through the very hard DC, you get a measly 30 black pearls from it..

    2) The KPP which is often easier but is only available after beating the DC gives just 100.

    3) The Hat Store chest usually gives 20 black pearls as it’s the most common card. Sometimes you can get 50 and on rare occasions 100+. Since the chest can only be used once/day it’s not a reliable source for pearls which is why I never bother opening it.

    If you could open it once an hour or once every 2-3 hrs it would way better. Even once every 4 hrs (6 uses/day) or once every 6 hrs (4 uses/day) would still be great. Hell, even once every 12 hrs would give you 2 uses per day which is double what we have now.

    4. Rare chests give 75 black pearls occasionally. Sometimes you can get more if you’re lucky but it’s not something to rely on.

    5. Placing top 3 in the Arena isn’t even worth mentioning since the payout is only once a week, it’s not that much given the effort needed, and it’s only the last 2 leagues that give black pearls with the Legendary league giving the best possible amounts of pearls. Again, not reliable enough and you need to constantly play, win, and keep doing that so that you climb to the top and stay there.



    Twisted Lemon

    I could go on about black pearls honestly, and I might say more about them at some point as they really are a problem. I understand that grinding will always be present but for late game players, working on/finishing hat sets it’s ridiculous.

    Collecting feathers to level up birds is just as tedious. Since there’s no scaling of any kind (when there really should be), feathers are also a massive grindfest. With scaling in the game, higher levelled players would get more feathers and more black pearls to adapt and help with the increased requirements for hats and bird levelling. Things would be much more enjoyable and rewarding if rewards/loot scaled with us as we progressed in the game. It doesn’t have to be absurd amounts but just a gradual increase.

    As mentioned in a previous post, all my birds require 50k feathers each to level up, and it doesn’t help that I barely get any feathers from doing anything:

    1) 400 from the DC, which occasionally I can’t beat because it’s way too hard, sometimes I can only beat by spending gems on extra birds and sometimes I can beat without spending gems at all (but only after a load of retries). This makes the DC an unreliable source for feathers, and when I do get some it’s a pitiful amount.

    2) 1000 from the KPP. Nothing special for having to deal with 3 rounds with 3 bosses, which you can only attempt once you slog through the DC. See my previous post as to how the rewards for the DC/KPP should be improved.

    3) 50-100 from the common chest when you get a feather card. Every now and again you can get blue cards which gives 750, which is laughable since that’s almost double what you get from the DC.

    4) 500 from those chests you get every 3 levels when playing through the normal levels. It’s something but still nothing useful. Also it gives you random feathers, when I think we’d all prefer if we could chose which feathers we get. Again, note that just one of these chests gives you 25% more feathers than what the DC gives for beating the entire thing, which is silly.

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