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  • My guess are:
    Speedster – Red Alert
    Energized – Energon Shockwave

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  • Raizir

    Wow, they… uh…. really don’t like those other birds… do they? Seriously, why doesn’t willow get a transformer version? Come on ROVIO.


    I am guessing energon shockwave and Sunstreaker (he got a mention in Sideswipe’s bio)


    @joel687 I thought it will be Sunstreaker too but the head shape doesn’t fit.


    Real question: why on earth haven’t we seen Ironhide yet? He was the second-in-command of the autobots in G1, so he’s hardly an obscure character (unlike, say, Skyfire/Jetfire, who was one of my favorites growing up), yet I’ve yet to see him in the game.


    They seem to be a bit inconsistent in the characters they choose to release.

    When it first came out, I thought this was going to be exclusively a 1980s G1 game, and then Lockdown showed up and I’m like “who the heck is that guy”?

    Skyfire/Jetfire would be a great addition.

    I’m also wondering why we haven’t seen guys like Kup or Springer.


    Yes, Jetfire and Hound, Mirage, Blurr, Inferno, Thrust, Reflector?

    @raizir I agree with you that they should make Willow a Transformer, my pick for her (regardless of the original gender of this bot) is Whirl, whose vehicle mode is a helicopter, which would go perfectly (regarding the theme) with Willow’s spinning buzz-saw-like attack ability. I also think that they should make Dahlia into an owl-themed Transformer with a beast mode instead of a vehicle mode (but still following the same rules in the game for the vehicle mode function), the Mighty Eagle as Jetfire, but based on the live action movie version of Jetfire, so that his vehicle mode looks more like the SR-71 Blackbird jet, Leonard (a.k.a. Pig King Mudbeard), who is a different character than King Pig, should be The Fallen from the “Revenge of the Fallen” movie, not sure what the vehicle mode would be since The Fallen’s vehicle mode is never shown in the movie.

    Luis C.

    Red Alert….



    Hehe, my guess is right. They might add Sunstreaker some other time.


    @barbatos lol i detect a book reference in that text…

    The Dark Knight

    Red Alert As my Buddy in 2 Missions here are the photos


    a few more photos of Red Alert as buddy

    Red Alert in robot mode

    Red Alert as vehicle mode (almost)

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Guess who are the new two characters

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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