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  • Rovio made one more ridiculous event! Hit green cubes and you are win +5 points hit red cubes -5 points! Brilliant! Top prize is Scorponok!

    Good Luck my friends. I am out!

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  • Ultramaxprime

    Ok who’s the brainiac that came up with this one, Well for those us that  are color blind thanks for nothing.


    What, @cheeto, you don’t feel like playing “Russian Roulette: ABT Edition”?


    I tried 2 runs.  This is stupid, not fun, and so low scoring that it’s not worth playing.  Boo!


    What a crock of sh1te this event is. Just did the 1st 4 run and my total after bonus is 93 not even on the board. They are so few green blocks to a large number of red blocks that high scoring is not going to happen. You get 3/4 green blocks and the rest are all red so your score is wiped out quickly.

    Boy oh Boy


    This is just stupid. Only hit green blocks. I guess you have to use a sharpshooter type bot for this. Definitely not the event for Ratcher, UM, or Dead End



    Good luck to all the Soundwaves, lol.


    Well, this is a 6-day event. I should be able to grab the sparks and quit, but it will take all 6 days. I will probably play to the 15,000 mark each day and quit


    While it’s kind of cool that they actually did something new that adds an element of skill, I agree this is so stupid. I just did a run in Cobalt Valley and 75% of the run was all red blocks…so I just walk by everything not scoring any points or shoot something and lose points?!? Since everyone has energon grimlock promoted high, I think they just did this to Nerf the scoring.


    Sadly, that picture was near the end of my run. Look at that wonderful score!


    Shouldn’t actually be too bad if you’re reasonably careful.

    I believe green is equivalent to glass and red is equivalent to stone.


    This event is a pain in the butt. Even if you use energon grimlock, you can only get so many blocks. They forget the non red give points too but now as much as green. What idiot thought up this event. I’ll get the sparks and that’s it. Screw getting Scorponok.


    Yes, this is the event of “less is more”, but I enjoy just leveling everything I see so much more.


    Oh, come on. Finally they did something different, and we keep complaining. I think it is at least worth to try. The scoring sucks, but it is the same for everyone.

    Of course this is not an event for any bot, but the energon grimlock is just perfect for this, and he is on the bonus group. Bots with lasers, beams and not exploding/acid rounds are good too. That excludes my other bots (UM and Dead End) but I can manage to play decently.

    I did the four runs, two really bad (about 150 points) and two good ones (750 on average). Of course, any Unicron or boss pig appearance in this kind of event will be a huge boost for anyone.


    Honestly, this event wouldn’t be that bad if the blocks were worth more. Maybe 25 points each instead of just 5. That way, you would actually be able to score something assuming you’re careful enough to do so.


    Sucks for us colorblind folks. Sounds like the scoring sucks in general, so I guess I’m not missing much. Might switch to GBG and forgo the bonus, just to make sure I maximize any Boss Pig or Unicron opportunities; EGrimlock runs to damn fast! Will prob help me avoid red blocks more effectively too.


    Finally something that the pay-to-win crowd and the uber-elite with all the most damaging bots don’t have all the advantages on.  Still could get some advantage on rank but not much for me with what I’ve emphasized for upgrades and saved-for-later on.  Almost everything before has emphasized explosions and destruction but you absolutely want to be careful of that in this event. I think most people aren’t used to doing that in this game. I would emphasize precision and absorbing damage over explosive force in your bots and accessories.  don’t like what I’m hearing about the colorblind problem. I have nerve damage so my hand-eye coordination isn’t that great but we’ll see how I do.  I’m going with energon grimlock because most of the time I can do precision shots reasonably well when his weapon doesn’t stay on on me and if I run into unicron he’s one of my best bots for giving damage to him.  anticipating success and failures ahead.

    Maybe it’s just my skill at using Energon Grimlock, but I managed to end my first four runs in the top spot with 10,000+ points, and I started playing in the event an hour after it had started. Although, the chances of earning enough tokens to unlock Scorponok (he costs 7500 tokens) are slim, and I agree that Rovio/Exient is potentually being stupid by making Scorponok (a relatively new character) the top prize in an event where players could possibly lose more points than they can earn. I think this event could still be fun, and that there is still a chance for you guys to get high scores, you just have to be more careful about your targets. Also, I think that you only lose points if you hit and destroy the red blocks directly. Red blocks that are destroyed by falling do not seem to cost you any points, at least, that’s what it seems to me.


    Just came through a Pig City run, where 95% of the blocks were red.

    I lost a lot of points just from Pig shooting their own blocks!

    Ended the run with 18 points (pre-bonus), lol.


    I will say that this new type event is interesting. We should stop complaining. We are awlays says that there is nothing new. So, here is something new. I need accesories for Scorponot and one for E Grimlock. Playing with E Grimlock I have 480% bonus and getting some points. First 15 from my leaderboards are E Grimlock :). This is just part of the game! I would even say, that points need to get under zero when you hit more red blocks. This will make game even more interesting :):):).


    I agree, I was complaining about Cobalt Valley, but Pig City is atrocious (3 out of 4 of my last runs)…there’s almost nothing to actually shoot. Then I destroy a walking mortar and he blows up a bunch of red blocks!


    Here’s the real question, will it allow you to finish with a negative score? Who’s willing to do a sacrificial run?


    Okay, so I definitely need Energon Galvatron for this one. While I agree that this event punishes players too much, I also have to say that they at least came up with something new for once.

    So with that, I will focus on last few levels of overpower and sparks as usual.


    @kdubz 0 is the lower limit. You cannot get negative score.


    Event is hard and this make it interesting. First at my list is 25k points. I am currently 18k. What I see as point – there is 200 tokens for 25k points. Till now I already collected 900 ( 100 from daily tasks ).


    This event is nothing but a farce, I did a 4 run last night and my total score from all plus bonus was 91. Just done another 4 run and had 2 scores of  0, Zero, nothing, nada and then a score of 26 and 35 after bonus. As you can work out I’m not even on the leader board.

    So 5 days of nothing coming up for me unless they add more Green Blocks, Do a run in Pig City and I think there are only about 6 to 10 Green and all the rest are Red.

    You could not make this up you really can’t.


    Is it just my imagination or has the tokens award system been adjusted? I know the 1st milestone was 1000 points. Considering this the expected token levels were

    1. 100 @ 1000 (x) – Tot: 100
    2. 100 @ 2000 (2x) – Tot: 200
    3. 150 @ 5000 (5x) – Tot: 350
    4. 150 @ 8000 (8x) – Tot: 500
    5. 150 @ 15000 (15x) – Tot: 650
    6. 150 @ 25000 (25x) – Tot: 800
    7. 200 @ 50000 (50x) – Tot: 1000
    8. 250 @ 100000 (100x) – Tot: 1250
    9. 500 @ 150000 (150x) – Tot: 1750
    10. 750 @ 200000 (200x) – Tot: 2500

    Approximately 1 or 2 hours ago I had about 6000 points and in my memory the next milestone was 8000 points. This is consistent with the scheme above.

    But now I’ve noticed that the next milestone is 7500 points which suggests that they have changed the scheme in soft update to

    1. 100 @ 500 (x) – Tot: 100
    2. 100 @ 1000 (2x) – Tot: 200
    3. 150 @ 2500 (5x) – Tot: 350
    4. 150 @ 4000 (8x) – Tot: 500
    5. 150 @ 7500 (15x) – Tot: 650
    6. 150 @ 12500 (25x) – Tot: 800
    7. 200 @ 25000 (50x) – Tot: 1000
    8. 250 @ 50000 (100x) – Tot: 1250
    9. 500 @ 75000 (150x) – Tot: 1750
    10. 750 @ 100000 (200x) – Tot: 2500

    Can anyone confirm this or is this only a figment of my imagination?

    Btw: If they’ve adjusted it as  indicated above, they’ve also recalculated the already earned tokens according to the new system.

    Edit (10 minutes later): I saw the following message on FB:

    Angry Birds Transformers
    · 1 uur ·
    Hi all.

    The scoring in the current event is a bit too punishing, so we’re going to half the required challenge scores :) Enjoy

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